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5 Best Productivity Tools & Mobile Apps For Tech-Savvy Real Estate Teams

This post comes to us from the BoomTown blogBoomTown blog:

We know that real estate agents are extremely busy people who are constantly on the go. Things can get hectic, especially if you are working with several others on a team. Sometimes you wish there was an "easy button" you can press that magically puts everything in your life in order. Although we haven't yet figured out how to create magical objects (our developers are working on it), we DO have a compiled list of the best productivity tools and apps that can make things easier for tech-savvy real estate teams.

1. SortMyBoxSortMyBox: Automatically sorts Dropbox files based on your specifications

boomtown 5 productivity tools sortmybox

SortMyBoxSortMyBox is like applying email filters to your cloud storage files. SortMyBox is an added folder in your DropBox or Box account, and any files saved in that folder will be moved according to your specifications. For example, you can set a rule that all files that contain the word "contract" in the name will automatically be sorted into the "Contracts" folder, or anything with "agreement" to go to the "Listing Agreements" folder. You can also set up rules by extension name, so that any file with .jpg or .png will go into a "Photos" folder, or any file with .ppt will go into a "Presentations" folder.

Once you set your parameters, just sit back and let SortMyBox do all the work. It checks and sorts the folder every 15 minutes. Are you worried that you might lose track of a file and not know where to find it? There is never any threat of that, because SortMyBox tracks and records all moved files so you can see where everything was directed. This feature is especially useful if you share folders with several team members.