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Are You Using Video in Your Email Marketing?

November 06 2013

An increasing number of marketers are using video in their email communications, says a new studya new study. This may be because they believe leads are more likely to convert after viewing a video email. After reading details of the study's results, it may be worth looking at your own email efforts, in addition to how well you're leveraging video in your marketing.

How Marketers Use Video in Email

According to the study, most of the respondents (50.7%) are linking to a video landing page or video on their website, while many others (24%) are linking to a video player. While these strategies may be somewhat effective, the ultimate goal would be for most email clients to allow videos to be embedded in the emails themselves. Until then, linking will have to do.

This helpful chart from MarketingCharts.comchart from shares interesting data about overall video use in marketing.

ew video marketing

Real Estate Videos in Email

If you're not currently using video in your email marketing campaign, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Create video. That's right; before you include video in your email campaign, you have to actually create some videos. There are many types of videos you can create. For instance, you can quickly and easily create videos of your virtual tours. You can also create videos about neighborhoods, discussing trends, recent sales, etc. Take a broader look at your community as a whole, and make it personal by discussing what you love about it and why you're so excited to be selling real estate there. There are plenty of resources to help you do it yourself, but if you're feeling frustrated, there are experts that can help.
  • Create email. Craft an email message around the video you created. Keep the message short, sweet and compelling. Avoid being overtly "salesy" with your email messages. Instead, try to provide something actionable, something that will help them sell more real estate. Choose a very specific group to target with the message (your CRM can help here), and create a video and message that speak directly to their needs and concerns. Effective email campaigns are an essential, yet challenging, part of your job as a REALTORĀ®; you can read through the many articles we've published on the topic if you're looking for direction.
  • Use a compelling call-to-action. As you probably cannot yet embed your video in the email message itself (at least, not if you want it to be viewable in every email client), the text you use to link to the video needs to be compelling. You need to express - in very few words - that recipients will be getting something of value if they click on the link. For instance, in an email to potential sellers, you might include a neighborhood tour video with the link text: "Are Your Neighbors Impacting Your Home Value?"

Are You Using Video in Email?

Are you currently using video in your email communications? Help your peers by answering these questions:

  • What kinds of videos are you creating?
  • How are you using them in email communications?
  • What text have you used for links?