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Quiz: What’s Your Email Marketing Aptitude?

October 20 2013

email boxA good REALTOR® also needs to be a good marketer. And just like using real estate contact management software, email marketing should be an important component of every agent's marketing plan. If you're not sending an e-Newsletter, taking advantage of drip marketing campaigns, or sending out Just Listed/Just Sold e-Flyers, you're missing great opportunities to stay in touch with past clients, convert leads into clients, and get more referrals.

Take the quiz below to learn your real estate email marketing aptitude. If you're not too email marketing-savvy, or you aren't doing much of it at this point, this quiz will help you learn best practices so you can get started on the right track.

After each question, answer true or false. Add up all your "true" responses and get your results at the end of the quiz.

Real Estate Email Marketing Quiz:

1. My emails are filled with valuable content; information people want to know about versus sales-type, "me, me, me!" emails.

2. My emails follow the RTP rule: they are relevant, timely, and personalized.

3. I use images in my email content when necessary to visually get across information.

4. I break large paragraphs up into smaller ones, and use bullet points and numbered lists, when necessary, to make my emails easier to read.

5. At the bottom of all my marketing emails, there is a link for people to automatically unsubscribe.

6. I track and analyze the effectiveness of my emails by looking at key stats like open rate and click-through rate. This helps me understand who my emails are resonating with most and lets me improve the success of my marketing moving forward.

7. I look at my bounced emails and immediately delete email addresses that have hard bounced (those where the email address is no longer valid).

8. I request that my recipients add me to their "safe-senders" list to maximize the likelihood my emails don't end up in their spam folder.

9. I segment or group my database and send targeted messages to each group, depending on what their interest is or my relationship to the group members.

How well did you score?

Seven to nine true answers: You're doing a great job when it comes to email marketing and are very familiar with important email marketing best practices.

Four to six true answers: You're doing well but there's still key things you can put into practice to be truly effective in your email marketing.

Less than four true answers: You need some help, but don't fret – it's not too late to understand and implement the email marketing best practices outlined in this quiz!

Are you using a real estate contact management software?

If you'd like to take advantage of email marketing, or would like a better platform to do all of your email marketing, you need a good real estate contact management software, such as IXACT Contact.

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