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Wish You Had a Secretary to Keep Track of Your Calls?

December 17 2010

business womanYou are always on the go, meeting clients, showing homes or networking for your next deal.  You don’t have time to sit at your desk and answer phones, thus making your mobile phone probably your most important tool.  The only problem is that even you can’t answer every call that comes through because you may be with a client or talking to another on the phone – voicemail is your friend. has found an interesting tool that can help you organize your voicemail and turn it into a more practical business solution for your busy days.

Get your voicemail as email

With a service called, YouMailYouMail your missed calls are captured online and sent to you as email messages, with the Caller ID, date, time and original voice recording included. You can even have messages automatically transcribed with YouMail‘s high-quality voice-to-text service (there is a fee for this), and receive them as email or text messages to your phone.


This solution allows you to quickly filter through your many voicemails to ensure that you don’t miss anything that is absolutely necessary.  Now you don’t have to stay on the phone for overly long messages that people often leave, quickly scribbling down notes into your planner.  If you have an email ready phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.) this solution is made for you – you can flag important voicemails for follow up and prioritize your messages quickly and efficiently.

Consolidate messages from multiple lines

YouMail lets you manage voicemail from multiple phones in a single place. Now getting calls from your broker office line, your home phone and your mobile phone can be consolidated into one messaging service – that’s three voicemail systems or answering machines that you no longer need to check throughout the day.  Talk about convenience.

Personalization for every caller

A final cool feature (certainly not the last, for more information you should check them out online) that YouMail comes with are personalized greetings that you can select for every caller. You can set a more casual greeting for your friends and family, while business contacts get a professional greeting. For new contacts or those that you don’t have stored, there is also the ability to provide information about your services, website address and other general information to help them learn more about you.

YouMail is yet another tool that you can access to help make you life a bit easier.  Is anyone using this feature today? If so, post a comment and let us know if it truly is useful in helping to reduce your time on voicemail.