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Lead Generation and Secret Business Development

October 07 2013

Thanks to RE Technology readers for making my video one of your Top 10 last month! I will be delivering a lot more lead generation and business building ideas for you in the coming weeks and months.

Being an active agent and an associate broker, I don't always share my best stuff because it's a competitive business. But my focus is moving more towards training, consulting, and coaching. So let's start unveiling and rolling out some of those ideas!

What Do You Want to Learn About?

Lead generation is definitely going to be more of a focus for Mondays with Maya. If you guys have any specific requests--topics that you want me to talk about, cover, or even find additional resources or other people that might be doing things--I'd be happy to do that.

Let us know through comments or otherwise here at RE Technology and we would be happy to deliver the content you want. That's the whole point!

This Week's Homework

What I want you guys to do for next week--for next week's video, and next week's "assignment"--is to go to I want you to create your own profile. I call it "The One Ring" because it really unifies all of your different networks and social sharing channels, and has really powerful search engine optimization.

I'll go into a little more detail next week, but what I'm doing with that is creating some really interesting community pages. It gives you a place where you can upload reports, data, market conditions, and all sorts of things. You're going to really like it. It's really awesome, it's really hot, and no one else is doing it, so shhhhh!

What you also want to do is to make sure you have your RPR account set up. That is a free NAR member benefit, so if you don't have it, get it set up. If you don't know how to use it and it is in your market, RPR offers free training through your board, so ask your board to do that.

So, this week's assignment? Follow these three steps:

  1. Create an account on
  2. To see an example Follr profile, visit Maya at
  3. Make sure you have an RPR accountRPR account set up