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What's 3-Years-Old and Helping REALTORS® to Make Money Every Day?

September 30 2013

They say three years is a long time. Think about it, a newborn baby is walking, talking, running, and playing on a playground three years later. A student applies for college just three years after their first day of high school. You see, a lot can be accomplished in three years. And RPR® is no exception.

When RPR first launched to our 10 beta markets in September of 2010, we had a distinct vision: provide REALTORS® with access to data and information they need to remain at the center of the real estate transaction. Back then, we had completed beta testing with 10 MLSs of different sizes from different areas of the country. When you're building something that will change the industry, you have to start somewhere, and we're grateful to those MLSs that helped pioneer RPR.

So with our initial MLSs and 147 million parcels, RPR began providing value to many REALTORS®. Our 24/7 customer call center was available to answer questions any time, day or night, because we know a REALTOR's® job is never done. We received a lot of feedback, much of which has made it into site enhancements. A mere three weeks after our launch day, we had 23 MLSs live, which represented about 103,000 REALTORS®. Not bad for 21 days!

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Fast forward three hard working years, and here we are, available to ALL REALTORS®; 549 MLSs/Associations have partnered with RPR to include MLS data within the system, with 475 of them being 'live' with MLS data today. RPR provides access to over 160 million parcels, and has the largest database of foreclosure data by county in the U.S.

We have launched tools specifically for BrokersBrokersCommercialCommercialAppraisersAppraisers and will soon launch the Dashboard for MLSsMLSs and AssociationsAssociations, all at no additional cost to the REALTOR® family. We've added more reports, a new Sales Comparison Analysis tool based on feedback from our REALTOR® users, a redesigned home page, enhanced mapping capabilities and much more. Contract trainers are located all across the country to provide live training to REALTORS®, On-DemandOn-Demand video learning is rapidly becoming one of the most popular features on our redesigned BlogBlog, and the Blog itself sees an increase in traffic each week.

On the valuation side, RPR has opened conversations and avenues for REALTORS® that haven't existed. The RVM® (Realtors Valuation Model) has gained nationwide recognition as being far more accurate than other auto-generated estimates.

REALTORS® have even taken the time to tell us their success storiessuccess stories. We are amazed daily at the things REALTORS® are doing with RPR that even we haven't thought of. They are increasing their business, becoming heroes to their clients, working smarter, not harder and making more money...all by using RPR.

Sure, we're bragging. But can you blame us? We're the proud parents of something that was born and has grown and matured beyond our expectations. It's been a great journey thus far. Just imagine what we'll be able to accomplish in the next three years!