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Real Estate Marketing is like a Jigsaw Puzzle

September 10 2013

interconnectJigsaw puzzles can be tough – but imagine how much more difficult it would be if you mixed the pieces of five or ten puzzles together. Determining which pieces go with the right puzzle becomes exponentially more complicated. Real estate marketing is very similar.

New ways to market listings and cultivate leads are popping up every day. It's nearly impossible to assemble all the right pieces for an effective listing campaign that impresses today's tech savvy buyers and sellers. Plus, there are so many vendors offering single solution products and services, your marketing becomes fragmented, much like a pile of jigsaw pieces.

The Problem

Relying on several single solution providers can also make marketing efforts difficult, time consuming and expensive. Paying multiple vendors, then entering listings into each system, and spending countless hours trying to put all the pieces in place leaves little time to accomplish all the other tasks of being a productive real estate professional.

The Solution

A great way to solve the marketing and lead generation puzzle is finding a technology provider that delivers a wide variety of products and services within a single system. This creates a professional marketing platform for your listings and ties the many benefits of cross promotional marketing and lead generation together.

Imagine the power of combining a variety of tools such as:

Next, imagine all those products and services seamlessly feeding off each other to drive exposure and generate leads across all avenues. Now you begin to understand the power a collective marketing campaign can bring to your real estate business.

This is the philosophy of Showcase Technologies' Home Zone Real Estate Marketing Solution. If you're ready to save time and money, while impressing buyers and sellers with professional marketing campaigns that make sense, contact Showcase Technologies for a free trial at 888-882-1259, or attend a free and informative online meeting to learn more about how to succeed with electronic marketing by visiting

The real estate marketing and lead generation puzzle can be complicated. Sometimes it's nice to have free help to put the pieces together.