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4 Tips to Keep You Safe During REALTOR® Safety Month (and Beyond!)

September 06 2013

nar20130909 safetyFor 10 years, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® has provided information and tools to promote REALTOR® Safety during the month of September and throughout the year. Take time this month to consider how safe—or unsafe—you are as a real estate practitioner during the course of a typical day.

To brush up on useful, everyday safety tips and tools, here are four things to keep in mind:

1. When you're at the office, use a visitor log book and have each potential client fill out a customer identification form. Remember to also check their photo ID.

2. Keep your business separate from your personal life online. Set up separate personal and business accounts on Facebook, Twitter or any social media sites. This will help protect your personal photos, posts, and other information from access by people you don't know.

3. When showing a property, leave the front door unlocked for a quick exit while you and the client are inside. And, as you view each room, let the client enter first.

4. Become aware of and use the 10 second rule. Take 10 seconds as you arrive at each of your destinations to evaluate your surroundings and check for anything out of the ordinary.

As a REALTOR®, the risks you face seem to grow more frequent and more complicated. The strategies to being safer on the job remain simple: Know how to react appropriately to a dangerous situation; be Aware of your surroundings; and Empower yourself with careful precautions.

This September, observe REALTOR® Safety Month and also make a year-round commitment to keep REALTOR® safety top-of-mind, avoid risky situations, and stay safe on the job. For more tips, plus articles, videos, archived webinars, and more visit

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