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Real Estate Agent Review Sites- Stop Whining!


Thompsons Realty Yelp Review Page thumbEarlier this week, Zillow – a popular real estate listing portal, home value estimating, forum wielding, data containing, subject to much assault from real estate agents web site – announced they were implementing a real estate agent review componentannounced they were implementing a real estate agent review component to their oft-visited web site.

You know, a place where you can give a real estate agent a “five star” (or one star) review. Ostensibly a place where folks pondering buying or selling a home could go and find an agent, and by looking at reviews from past clients be privy to whether or not an agent was worth a damn at what they do. Or should be doing.

Within minutes of the announcement, the whining commenced

Good grief, you’d think by the reaction of some in the real estate community that this agent review system was the first of its kind, the genesis of a new way for real estate consumers to find more information on an agent. Some would even lead you to believe this is all some sort of vast conspiracy to steal databases and put real estate agents out of business.