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Product Review: ListHub Global

September 02 2013

listhub globalThis product review is a bit out of the ordinary for us. There was no hour plus demo to sit through, no interface screenshots to take, and no set-up processes to explain.

Brokers will be happy to learn that this is because ListHub Global is an extremely low maintenance solution that, once activated, acts like any other affiliate ListHub publisher. It's accessible through the same interface, and is automatically included in your ListHub reports.

The only difference is that instead of syndicating listings domestically, ListHub Global distributes your listings to potential buyers in over 40 countries. While that sounds simple, ListHub Global is actually a sophisticated solution to a complex data problem.

The Challenges of Global Listing Distribution

At the heart of this problem is the organization--or lack thereof--of international listing data. Listing accuracy is a contentious issue here in the United States, but that's only because it's so important to us. We have agreements governing the use of listing data and have built MLS connected platforms to help ensure the integrity of that data.

Internationally, however, the situation is quite different. In fact, a ListHub study of international data found that a whopping 75 percent of listings were inaccurate--some with "last sold" dates as far back as 2007, 2005, and even 1992!

This is because in other countries, listing data is considered "open." Listings don't have the same protections as they do in the United States, and no one party bears the right or responsibility to ensure the accuracy of those listings. As you can imagine, US brokers looking to distribute their listings overseas face a daunting problem when it comes to preserving the integrity of their listing data.

Enter ListHub Global

ListHub's solution was to partner with international real estate search networks that operate within ListHub's stringent publisher terms in order to create a managed listing distribution platform that is able to maintain the same data protections enjoyed in the US while syndicating the listings to a broad international audience. ListHub Global’s international partners include the EdenHome network and the ListGlobally network. The combined network includes over 80 publisher websites in more than 40 countries, including Europe, Asia, and South America. To view the complete list of websites for each network, click hereclick here.

ListHub Global ensures that international publishers meet ListHub's standards for best practices and broker-friendly methods. All of the sites in the Listhub Global Network are required to comply with ListHub's standard publisher terms, so that the broker's data is always protected and MLS-accurate.

In addition, ListHub Global's marketing offerings are integrated with the ListHub Reports. That means brokers and agents will have a transparent view into the traffic and leads they receive through their international marketing, helping them to continually evaluate the opportunity with overseas buyers.

listhub global seller report

U.S. property is an attractive target for international buyers. With ListHub Global, brokers can tap into the estimated $68.2 billion$68.2 billion invested into the American real estate market by international buyers without compromising the security and integrity of their listings.

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