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8 Reasons You’re Not Generating Real Estate Leads Through Social Media

August 28 2013

social media marketingWhen using social media, there are so many pitfalls you can potentially befall an agent trying to generate leads for themselves online. In many cases, you see agents making the same mistakes online, then throwing their hands up in the air to proclaim "social doesn't work" for leads. Social does work, but in lots of cases it requires time and effort when compared to more traditional methods of lead generation.

1. You Haven't Grasped the Concept Behind Social Media

First thing you probably tried is to gain as many likes for your page or followers through Twitter, because people always want those big follower numbers. You're willing to do the legwork of following a lot of accounts, but that's only the beginning. Social media is all about relationship building. If you don't have the time to build these relationships with these people you're following, then social media will probably be a waste of time for you. As in life, you can't expect to generate business without first building some type of relationship with a potential client first. Social media is no different in that regard.

2. You're Swimming With the Rest of the Crowd

Since the first thing you tried to do was get as many followers as you could, you probably followed all your colleagues and friends, who in many cases are other real estate agents. You connect with REALTOR® blogs, LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Pages populated mostly by other REALTORS®. Once you follow a few people on Twitter, it'll start suggesting other users, which--you guessed it--are other agents and brokerages. It's just a vicious cycle.

Essentially, you're stuck in a fishbowl with all the other agents swimming round and round trying to get leads and referrals. The chances of generating leads from a group like this is pretty much slim to none. You need to target following people who could be potential leads themselves, or sources of leads down the road.

3. You're Preaching to the Choir

The same folks that follow your blog also follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page and any other online initiative you might have. These can be fans, friends and family who will do many of these things out of obligation because they don't want to hurt your feelings by not helping you out.

As I talked previously about with Targeting the Third Circle With Your Content, the idea is to break out of your inner circle of friends and contacts and find new people to connect with. Marketing to the same 50 people over and over on different platforms isn't going to result in new leads for you.

4. You're Spamming Yourself to the World

While self promotion may work on park benches, the sides of buses and carpet bombing through direct mail, it's not very becoming in the online world. Starting out on social media by tooting your own horn will do a lot more harm than good. Let people get to know you and build a rapport with people first. Use these services for a few weeks before even thinking of pumping up your own tires on social media. If all you can do is talk about yourself on social media, you'll find the audience for this type of messaging to be quite small.

5. You Don't Realize Real Estate is Pretty Boring

While you may eat, breath and sleep the ups and downs of the real estate industry, for the most part it's pretty dry subject matter. Some people love studying dead languages or building boats in bottles. Just because it's interesting to you doesn't mean it will be interesting to your social media audience. Most potential leads aren't going to care if you share the latest MLS market data or interest rate changes.

Consider sharing stuff like local news, pictures or events of interest in your community. This is information useful to your potential client and can result in leads for you because you've transformed yourself into a local resource for information.

6. You Haven't Figured Out the Personal / Professional Thing

While it can be great to let people know a bit about you through your professional channels, there is definitely a line that can be crossed quite easily. While it may be nice to point out a worthwhile restaurant in town, nobody cares when you broadcast your Foursquare checkin at Arby's. Keep it professional.

There is good reason why Facebook and Google+ have personal profiles and business pages. While it may be great to show pictures of your party weekend at the cottage, these services are trying to save you from yourself by separating your work life from your personal life. You'd hate to scare off potential leads because you overshared a bit too much.

7. You Don't Get Back to People in a Timely Manner

When someone sends you an email, you will usually respond in a reasonable amount of time. People expect responses in double time on social media platforms when they send you a direct message, tweet or blog comment. With the advent of smartphones and push notifications many of your potential customers have an expectation that you will get back to them promptly. If you wait 10, 12 or 24 hours, you're sending a loud and clear message that they're not important to you. While sometimes those time expectations may not be fair, but it's the reality of our instant gratification society.

8. You're Just Going Through the Motions

Just setting up an account on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to say you planted your flag really isn't enough to generate leads. While it shows you're there, taking the lazy way out and automating all your posting and calling it a day really won't cut it and really just ends up being a waste of time for you.

As with anything in life, social media requires time and effort. People will see through it when you're just going through the motions of social media.

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