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The Secret to Creating Shareable Content

August 27 2013

Guest contributor Frances Brittle of Cloud CMA says:

exchangeAs a busy agent, the act of creating content can feel like a daunting task – let alone creating sharable content. It's easy to get overwhelmed, but don't. This post will break it down for you from the basics.

What is content? Google defines it as, "The things that are held or included in something." Thinking about the "included in something" part is the best way to understand content. What's included in a tweet? 140 characters – of content. What's included in a Facebook post? It could be an image, a status update, or a video – all of which are content. What's included in your blog? Posts, which include content.

With the Internet and social media today, content is everywhere. It's being created, shared, re-shared, and consumed by an enormous audience. This is powerful in that you can reach new audiences exponentially – so long as your content is getting shared. So, how can you reap the benefits of this amplified reach and get your content in front of clients and prospects? Create original and shareable content.

If you've ever heard Jim Marks, president of Virtual ResultsVirtual Results, speak at a convention or conference, then you know describing him as "extremely enthusiastic" is a huge understatement. He's full of energy and super passionate about Internet marketing and social media strategies. The last time I heard him speak, he specifically discussed the type of content that people are sharing on social. Marks explains that,

"People share content that helps fulfill their online identity."

Read that statement a couple times slowly. I'll wait. This is your foundation for creating shareable content.

If you've ever re-tweeted a tweet, re-pinned a pin, or clicked "Share" on a Facebook post, then you've actively shared content. There was something about that tweet, pin, or post that motivated you to spread the word and distribute that material to your followers and/or friends. Chances are, you liked what it said about you upon sharing. It helped shape your online identity.

Now think about the person who created the piece of content you shared. The act of you (and likely others) sharing that material extended its social reach tremendously. The number of people consuming this media went beyond the individual's networks and worked it's way into networks of networks of networks. This is powerful and is the exact reason why you want your content to be shared.

So, before you sit down to write your next blog, type your next tweet, or post your next status update – remember this phrase, "People share content that helps fulfill their online identity." Think about what you're about to post from the perspective of the viewer. How will they experience it? Will it make them feel something? Will they want to share it? How does this help fulfill their online identity?

By shifting your perspective to that of your followers, 'likers', and friends, you better position yourself for successfully creating content that is valuable, content that will be shared, and content that will be consumed by your future clients and prospects.