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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Real Estate Video Go Viral

August 13 2013 brought you the basics of producing great real estate videos, but filming and editing are only the initial steps in producing videos with true value. Successfully sharing your video content is the only way to make sure it will help sell a property or highlight a community. Don't let all the time spent creating this video go to waste! This week, we bring you five ways to capture leads and promote your business through video!

1. Upload it to YouTube - YouTube is without a doubt the ultimate method of sharing videos. Why? YouTube's monthly viewership is the equivalent of roughly 10 Super Bowl audiences. Five hundred years of YouTube videos are watched every day on other social media sites and over 700 YouTube videos are shared every minute on Twitter.

The implications for real estate is quite appealing. According to a study from Google and the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), 51% of home buyers chose YouTube as their preferred online video destination when shopping for homes. Further, 65% of YouTube videos posted by real estate professionals were able to pull leads. Basically, if you haven't created a YouTube account, it would be wise to do so! All video promotion efforts should begin here! For more information about becoming a real estate idol, view this blog post.

2. #Hashtags, Keywords and Descriptions - Although videos may be the newest addition to your marketing materials, keep in mind that it's still necessary to describe the property! By associating specific terms with your YouTube video, search engines will be able to rank your content so that homebuyers can more effectively view it based on their search terms.

Descriptions should identify its location, features and other branding information, but try to add more specific details that are not revealed in traditional marketing pieces.

Use geo-targeted hashtags that are relevant to the location, including city, state, zip code and even neighborhood and community name (i.e. #vabeach, #mainstreet, #ABCrealty, #wilmingtonhomesforsale etc.). Hashtags allow users of the most popular social channels like Twitter, Google+, and now even Facebook, to discover your video even if they are not following you.

3. Post, Share, Tweet, Like, Embed, +1 The Video - Seventy percent of home buyers look for videos on a website, Facebook, or YouTube. So don't be the last to leverage them! With one billion users on Facebook, 500 million on Twitter, and over 340 million on Google+, your clients and prospects are more than likely among them and odds are they will view and share your video. Embed the video on your website, blog, newsletters and emails. Homebuyers and owners looking for real estate agents and properties like to see the incorporation of the newest technology and marketing trends into the selling or buying of their next home.

4. Free Agent Profile - Nearly 12.5 million consumers visit every month to find a new home, real estate agent and other home related services. Use this audience to your advantage by showcasing your video on your free Agent ProfileAgent Profile. Include your contact information, social media links, property listings, client endorsements and real estate videos in one place. To receive ultimate exposure, promote your video in a Local AdLocal Ad in the city or zip code of your choice on

5. Video Marketing--the Next Level - To fully grasp the power of real estate videos, watch the Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar featuring Raj Qsar of the Boutique Real Estate GroupBoutique Real Estate Group. Raj is a national speaker and was named a Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leader by Inman News. Raj tells you how to create real estate videos like a pro. Watch here todayWatch here today to learn how to make creative, compelling and even cinematic videos like this one:

Well, now that you know exactly how to produce and share the newest and most powerful form of real estate marketing, it's time to see it in action and find out its effectiveness yourself. Let us know what you have found to be helpful when creating and promoting real estate videos in the comments section below.

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