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Recruiting Experienced Agents Is a Sales Process

questionmarkagentRecruiting new agents is, for some managers, a task that seems to be a hit or miss proposition. They will try and engage the candidate with small talk and then launch into 'why' the agent should join their brokerage. Do this enough times, and the odds are good that someone will say 'yes.' But are we missing something? How do we know if we are really making the most of our opportunity to hire these candidates? What triggers them to say 'yes'? How many are slipping through our fingers because we haven't asked them the right questions...or, for that matter, really listened and paid attention to what they have to say? The answer: too many.


Recruiting is a consultative sales process

Remembering that recruiting is a consultative sales process, the first step in developing the right atmosphere for hiring. It is essential to focus the meeting where it should be focused—on the agent, not the company—because, as we all know, selling involves, first and foremost, finding out what the prospect wants and needs. Without that information, it is almost impossible to match the right product with the buyer. And that is just as true in recruiting as it is in selling a home.