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Reasons for Dissatisfaction with Agent

August 11 2013

thumbs downIn the newly released 2013 California Home Buyer Survey Report2013 California Home Buyer Survey Report, CAR touched upon a source of discontent that today's buyers have with their agents – communication.

Three out of the top five reasons of dissatisfaction with an agent all have to do with communication. Speed of communication, ineffective communication, and method of communication top the charts at one, two, and three, respectively.

  • Slow response (82%)
  • Ineffective/inefficient communication (48%)
  • Undesirable communication methods (43%)
  • Not aggressive in negotiation (47%)
  • Showed homes unlikely to buy (2%)

Is this information surprising to you? Due to the fact that everything in our life revolves around instant satisfaction, it shouldn't be too surprising. We obtain instant news through social media, instant money through direct deposits and ATM withdrawals, instant coffee, overnight shipping, on-demand programming, and the list goes on and on.

It's impossible to be accessible at all times, but not impossible to provide relevant information quickly to you clients. I just read a blog post by Better Voicemail and the technology they have is pretty amazing. Miss a call from a lead who was on®? No worries! See how this scenario may pan out using Better Voicemail.

  1. Someone calls your Better Voicemail number, but you miss the call
  2. Your Better Voicemail template is configured to automatically send the person a text message saying something like: So sorry I missed your call! I'm tied up at the moment, but in the meantime, what's your email address so I can send you some additional info?
  3. The person responds: No problem! My email is [email protected]
  4. We pull that email address out and associate it with the contact
  5. You have a Zapier trigger automatically initiate a drip email campaign to that caller

Yes, you read that correctly. You can initiate a drip email campaign to someone just from a missed phone call!

There are other tools out there as well that can help you communicate more effectively with your clients and potential leads like, for example, Google Voice, but the technology that Better Voicemail uses is designed specifically for agents and definitely ramps it up a notch.

*Update* A few people asked for the breakdown of communication methods. Here ya go!

tsa dissatisfaction comm methods

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