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Social Media – The New Prospecting Engine

July 31 2013

crm keyboardJust a few short years ago, prospecting would mean a combination of daily activities that could include cold calling, door knocking, advertising, approaching for sale by owners and expired listings, etc. In its day, this 'interruption marketing' was necessary in order to generate enough listings and sales to make a living.

Over the last few years, while still a successful strategy for some, its effectiveness has waned.

Today, a real estate sales associate needs to think more about what the public wants and less about what they themselves want. They need to attract the qualified customer to them rather push their services on the public. They need to demonstrate their value to the potential customer before they've even met them. They need to use social media to inform and educate.

There are literally hundreds of social media platforms that a sales associate could employ but for this article series we'll focus on three of the more impactful ones: Facebook, Blogging, and YouTube. Starting with Facebook.


When referring to Facebook, I don't mean your personal page but rather a local business or place page.

Real estate is a hyper local activity so your business page needs to focus on the local community. To be clear, its primary purpose is to provide information of interest or value to the visitor, not to be yet another place to market your listings.

lwolf prospecting fb 2Post photos of local events, information on local charities, feature local attractions, interviews with local residents and celebrities, and how-to information. To encourage their personal involvement with your page, conduct informal polls or post a photo of a local attraction and ask 'Where is this?' or 'What is this?'

Recently, I noted on a real estate sales associate's Facebook page a series of short two-minute videos on his favorite places within his community that he filmed using only his smart phone. He posted a new video each day for a month and even though I didn't live in that community, I couldn't help but sign in each day to watch the latest video offering.

If the content is both interesting and valuable to the visitor, it will motivate them to return often to your page and tell their friends and family about how amazing your page is.

Once they are following you, they learn through your posts that you are a local expert on the community, that you care about the community, that you have advanced marketing skills, etc. In other words, they are 'attracted' to you when they have a buying or selling need.

Share your best Facebook ideas in the comments below and look for our second article in the series on blogging.

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