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The Tools for Lead Generation

July 23 2013

Guest contributor WebsiteBox says:

webbox tools for lead genOnce you buy into lead generation as a process involving site content, premium content and techniques to get your suspect site visitors to give you their name and email address, you must then figure out the tools to get them to sign up. It's doubtful that those tired old "sign my guest book" forms on websites ever worked at all. They definitely won't work these days with the experienced web information-seeker. They've been exposed to entirely too much spam content and too many spam emails already.

However, as real estate professionals, we have a major goal for our websites and blogs, and that goal is lead generation. What's a lead? It's certainly not a suspect wandering around your website. It's only a lead once you move them from anonymous suspect to an identified prospect. No analytics tool does this. The only way to do this effectively and in a customer friendly way is to get them to voluntarily give your their contact information. This is a two-step process:

1. The offer for trade: This is an offer of special content or services if they'll tell you who they are. This is usually some type of special report, premium content, newsletter subscription, or market statistics. You make this offer, and it's normally delivered via email, so they must give you their email address to get it. It's highly effective if your offers are of value and they have developed some trust based on your other site content.

  1. Special report on how negotiations go in your local market.
  2. Special report that details and explains a title insurance commitment binder.
  3. Report explaining a survey and contrasting it with an Improvement Location Report.
  4. Monthly, quarterly or annual sold property statistics reports.
  5. Report explaining easements in detail.
  6. Detailed home inspection example report with notes about the items.

2. The collection and delivery form: The offer for trade should be creatively placed adjacent to relevant content. An example would be a blog post or article about the transaction process with the title binder report offer next to it. This call-to-action is a form with a headline and introductory text making the offer and simple input boxes for their contact information. Some points:

  1. Forms should be simple and not ask for too much information.
  2. Name and email is usually all you should ask for, as they'll balk if too much information is required.
  3. Once they submit the form, they should be immediately routed to a Thank You page, and one of two things happen on their end:
    • They are provided a link to your report on that page, OR
    • They receive an auto-response email delivering the report or a link to it.

Of course, they're then going to be placed into your contact/prospect database for follow-up marketing. You can easily create your forms and place them around your site where they'll be most effective. Have your reports in PDF format ready to go out in an auto-response email or have them uploaded and link to them to avoid an attachment.

Prospects will get immediate and positive reinforcement from the automated delivery.

To view the original article, visit the WebsiteBox blogWebsiteBox blog.