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Mortgage Calculators: Qualify Leads and Save Time

This post comes to us from WebsiteBox:

webbox mortgage calcsWhat makes a great agent website? An integrated IDX, buyer/seller specific content, great images and gadgets. All of these features need to be presented in a well designed layout to create a real estate agent website that stands out from the competition.

One of the most important gadgets to have on an agent website is a mortgage calculator. This handy gadget can help you qualify leads by ensuring that buyers who inquire regarding specific listings can actually afford them. It also helps you save time by providing buyers with a quick, easy to use tool that lets them know about their financing options for the properties they are interested in. The gadget also helps protect maintain the client's privacy, since they can enter their personal financial information into the gadget right away without having to reveal the details to you.

There are 10 types of mortgage calculators that you want to add on your website:

1) Do You Qualify?This allows potential buyers to find out if they would be able to qualify for a mortgage based on the price of the property, their income and monthly expenses. This is a great tool to help real estate agents qualify leads right away and ensure that potential buyers can actually afford the listing that they are looking at.