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Choosing an iPad App

July 17 2013

This is the latest in a series of 'Buyer's Guides' that feature questions to ask and options to consider before making a new purchase. See our previous guides to purchasing a CMA,CRM, Document and Transaction Management, and Electronic Signature solution.

ipad imageWhat are iPad Apps for REALTORS®?

Real estate agents are notoriously on-the-go, covering a great deal of ground in a hurry. Thankfully, technology has finally caught up with the realities of our industry – with mobile devices that provide key functionality no matter where you are. One of the most popular mobile tools for today's real estate agent is the tablet – Apple's iPad being the most popular, but with a variety of other developers throwing their hats in the ring. The applications (or "apps") that are built to run on these tablets can help real estate agents with many of the nuts and bolts of their trade.

Questions to Ask

There are some important questions to ask when buying any real estate technology product and some that are unique to choosing an iPad app.

First, let's look at general questions you'll want to ask.

  • What are my objectives for this piece of technology and will this product help me achieve those objectives? Brainstorm your objectives by considering things you do on your computer that you would like to do anywhere, anytime.
  • What is my budget?
  • Does my broker, MLS, or Association have any agreements with any vendors that might help me obtain this product at a discount or for free?
  • What kind of customer service and training programs are available? Are there webinars and, if so, are they recorded so you can view them at any time? Is the vendor's online help sufficient?

After you've asked and answered these questions, you can get down to the tablet-specific questions:

  • If this is a consumer search app that I will share with my clients or my agents will share with theirs, what kind of branding to me/my brokerage does it offer?
  • Can this app run on my tablet? (More specifically, is it built for Apple or Android tablets, or both?)
  • Does the developer of this app have permission to access my MLS data?
  • Does the app require Internet access? What functionality is available when I do not have Internet access?

Your Options

For more information on these options, download our 2013 Technology Guide2013 Technology Guide.

  • MLS-Touch®: Designed specifically for REALTORS®, not for consumers, the MLS-Touch® app provides access to comprehensive MLS data as well as Instant Sold comparables and Market Statistics.
  • RE:Focus Analytics: Even without Internet access, the RE:Focus Analytics app from a la mode, Inc. provides agents and brokers with interactive market analytics displayed through a modern, touch-drive interface.
  • Cartavi: Document sharing is made infinitely easier with the Cartavi app. Because it is cloud-based, Cartavi allows you to collaborate with all parties to a transaction, whether you're using your desktop computer, laptop, Smartphone, or tablet.
  • Paperless Agent: Agents at The GoodLife Team learn how to make the most of mobile technology. Now, you can too with training videos from Krisstina and Garry Wise. Educate yourself with iPad for Buyers and iPad for Sellers.
  • GoMLS: Access listing data on-the-go with GoMLS from CoreLogic. Different versions of the app are available, and CoreLogic has integrated with leading MLS system developers including Fusion™, MLXchange®, TEMPO®, InnoVia®, and Matrix™.

Next Steps