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Real Estate Tool of the Month: Feedly

obeo feedlyIt was heartbreaking – the news that Google Reader was being retired. Done away with. Exiled. I honestly considered it to be tragic, and I miss my old friend Google Reader. We were close friends for many years, visiting each other almost every single day. I honestly couldn't imagine life with out my dear friend. But I've started seeing someone else, and I have to say, this new friend is awesome! My new friend's name is Feedly, and I'd like to introduce you.

We have chosen FeedlyFeedly to be July's real estate tool of the month because the two of you need to meet. Feedly organizes your favorite blogs, news sites, podcasts, YouTube channels and more in one place. Feedly features multiple layout options, very fast connection speeds for both desktops, tablets and phones. Feedly is also created with sharing content and mobile integration.

Now that we know what this product is capable of, how does this help with my needs as a real estate professional?

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