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Think Outside The Box? Where Is This Box People Keep Talking About?

July 08 2013

grasshopper out of the boxDid you know that people actually are more creative when they "think outside the box"? I know it sounds cliche, but it's true.

Recently, Psychological Science conducted a study where participants were seated–literally–either inside or outside of a cardboard box and then asked to complete a simple experiment meant to test their creativity. The results showed plainly that the people seated outside the box (hence the catchy phrase) thought more creatively than the ones inside.

Take a look.Take a look. Think you'll try it next time you're stuck?

Now, I have a question for you. Will you mention this to someone later?

Of course you will.

Sharing is one of the first things we learn to do as babies. It's part of our DNA and the most social act, even as adults, that we carry out day to day. Sharing builds trust and it makes both the sharer AND the receiver happy.

You see, when we started Happy Grasshopper we had one goal: to keep in touch. It really wasn't more complicated than that. We were busy sales professionals and knew that the most successful salespeople throughout history were the ones who had mastered the art of keeping in touch.

There are all sorts of methods for doing it: greeting cards, phone calls, blogging, drop-bys, "sending gifts of value"... but, like we said, we were busy and each of these things took lots of time and/or lots of money. We knew there had to be a better way. So, we turned our focus to email.

But why email?

There are lots of reasons. For one, email is awesome (like, super-awesome). It's also super-cheap. It's instant. It's non-intrusive. And everyone has an email address, right? Most importantly, it's personal.

But what sort of email should we send? I mean, we could send things that looked like this...

grasshopper out of box ex1

Or this...

grasshopper out of box ex2

but (and answer this honestly) who would actually want to get those things? The answer? NO ONE.

Those sorts of messages were things we knew we wouldn't feel good about sending and we knew our friends wouldn't want to receive them either. They'd delete them (and US) in a heartbeat.

So, we turned to each other. We asked what the things were that we shared with each other day in and day out. What were the funny stories we couldn't wait to tell each other in the morning and re-tell later that day?

Once we stepped outside of traditional sales thinking and looked at things in a new way, it was easy. We started keeping in touch by sharing things with our audience; things that made them laugh or feel connected. And something amazing started happening. People started responding. Not just opening the messages, but RESPONDING. We got into long conversations with them. Our friendships grew and we started closing more business.

That's when we started sharing our system with others. Our new Happy Grasshopper clients got the same results that we did. To view a few of their stories, click hereclick here.

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