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SEO Tips for Real Estate Agents

July 03 2013

point2 seo tips for real estateBuild better business through online visibility

Have you ever wondered how search engines like Google and Bing find websites? You type in a few key words, hit "enter" and your page is transformed into a nearly endless list of relevant resources. How do the engines know which sites to present? How can you persuade those engines to put your business at the top of the list?

There are many factors (such as paid advertisements), but search engine optimization, or SEO, is key to standing out among your competition. Razvan Antonescu, Senior SEO Specialist for Point2, explains the concept in laymen's terms. "SEO is a set of actions that a business can take on its sites, on other sites and even in the offline world that have the common goal of increasing the visibility of a business in search engines. Visibility in search engines can range from being found for your name or your company name to generic keywords."

In short, SEO helps people find you and the services that you offer. Making your brand search-friendly is easier than you think. Antonescu recommends taking the following steps for your website:

  • Find the proper page titles and description by keyword research, competition research and feedback from clients
  • Create text content for each page of your website using the above mentioned keywords
  • Periodically add new and interesting content from the neighborhoods that you represent
  • Create a Google Local listing and keep it updated
  • Make sure that you have identities on the most important social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+) — be sure to post often and link back to your website

These SEO tips for real estate agents will help boost your website's search engine rank. Many see social media as a place to simply post pictures and funny comments but, as a business, a smart social media presence is all that may stand between you and the success that you seek. "A good social media presence has a direct benefit on what is called 'brand management.' This means that you have direct control over the leading results users see when searching for your name or company," Antonescu says.

Social media sites also allow you to post a link to your website as well as share content. Both measures can lead to valuable social interactions which can increase the quality of your SEO while building relationships that can lead to sales.

There are dozens of social media sites but two stand out as the most import to Antonescu. LinkedIn ranks first. It allows agents to showcase your professional expertise. It also allows you to connect with other industry professionals in the area. For tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn presence, click here to register for our free webinar on July 18th with expert Kurt Shaver.

Secondly, Google+ offers a more professional alternative to Facebook—and it helps that it is affiliated with the search giant, Google.

Of course, SEO has a dark underbelly, so to speak. There are things that you can do to diminish the quality of your SEO. Antonescu advices that agents avoid the following:

  • Do not enlist the services of companies that perform link building campaigns. Usually these are low quality efforts that search engines will register as spam, ultimately hurting your website long term.
  • Avoid inundating your blog posts and text content with key words. Too many keywords will make content sound forced and unoriginal.
  • Be wary of sporadic posting to your blog. Steady, relevant posts are far more valuable.

You can learn more by visiting Search Engine LandSearch Engine Land, the Google Webmaster BlogGoogle Webmaster Blog or picking up a copy of The Art of SEO by Eric Enge, now available on AmazonAmazon.

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