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What to Say When You Call Your Database

July 01 2013

orange callerMany professionals have a part of their job they are not confident in, and for many of my first time clients, that obstacle is prospecting their database. Why? Simply put, because they don't know what to say. With a few simple yet powerful techniques, this can be a fear of the past. And, with the best scripts in the business, lead generation can be easy, fun and very profitable.

Once you decide on the appropriate script practice it, post it and follow it as you make your calls. Staying on script burns less energy and dramatically increases your results, and takes the pressure off you.

Here are a few rules to get you moving in the right direction:

1. Relax. Mirror and match your prospect's rate of speech and tonality. This will help you avoid sounding like a telemarketer.

2. Take the first 15-35 seconds to "build the bridge." Basically, you are reestablishing your connection with the main goal of building a much stronger relationship for the future. Ask questions like, "How is your family? What has changed since I spoke with you last?" Just a little chit chat to warm them up. Remember to keep it all about them!

3. Move quickly into your reason for calling. They know that you are calling about business and they are busy too so get to the point.

4. Avoid going down the "bunny trails." If they start talking about their vacation it's fine to show polite interest, however, if you want to keep the call on track don't refrain from asking for more details or telling them about the last time you vacationed there. As smoothly as possible, guide the conversation back to business.

5. Give them something of value on the call. This can be an update, a tip, or answering their burning questions. Make them think to themselves, "I'm so glad they called."

6. Be sure to thank them at the end of the call. Their time means a lot and you appreciate them sharing it with you. Then, ask them for a referral and ask for permission to call them back in the future.

7. If they don't answer, leave a message. Keep it 30 seconds or less and encourage them to call you back at their convenience.

8. Set your next call back in your contact management system and enter all call notes. Organization promotes success.

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