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Changing Consumer Expectations: Three Ways to Adapt

This post comes to us from the Delta Media Group blog:

200px checkin bellYour real estate customers used to wait on you. They had no other choice.

If they drove by a property they liked, they might call the number on your sign. Otherwise they might have found a listing in a newspaper or magazine and contacted you for more information.

They didn't have access to the MLS until IDX feeds were born on real estate websites. That helped create a more even playing field in the industry. Branding and big spending didn't necessarily give an agent the same advantage over his or her competition. And the market has grown even more competitive since.

We recently detailed the top five changes in real estate marketing, and one of the main points was changing consumer expectations.

As we noted, consumers are now empowered. And that means you have to work even harder to earn their business. But, like with most changes, it also means great opportunities for those savvy agents who are willing to embrace the new-age, empowered consumer, and leverage real estate technologies to better increase the probability of working with him or her.

Below are a few ways to better cater to changing consumer expectations.