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5 More Awesome Apps for Your Real Estate Business

June 09 2013

This post comes to us from BrokerageUBrokerageU:

bu 5 more awesome appsI'm sure you already have some apps downloaded to your smartphone: social media, weather, notes, games, etc.; but why not add in some apps for your business, too?

Last week we told you all about our five favorite apps for the real estate industry. Well, it turns out that our team wants to add five more to this list!

We have had some requests come pouring in for a few more suggestions. So, here we go with our next five runners up.

1. Open Home Pro - We like this app and its features so much that we even wrote a whole article on a recent product review of it! This handy app can be used on your iPhone or iPad to assist you in running your open houses. This tool provides a secure sign in form for your attendees which can be customized to ask the questions you need answers to: are they currently working with an agent, when do they plan to buy, are they pre-approved for a loan, and so on.

All of these prospects can be easily exported at the end of the open house, and then imported into your CRM system of choice. Not only that, but you can also use this system to store notes on each lead as you speak with them throughout the day! Enter your listing into this system to share photos and additional property details with your visitors, and let Open Home Pro take care of sending out the "Thank You" email message for you as the clients sign in.

2. HootSuite - This is a one-stop shop for managing your social media pushes. From one location you can control which messages are being sent to which channels, as well as what social accounts should be in sync with each other. Schedule posts for the future, search trending keywords, track your messages, and even connect with new leads. HootSuite covers a broad range of potential connected accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress, FourSquare, and more!

3. CardMunch - We know agents' wallets, cars, desks, and even homes are full of hundreds of business cards floating around. This app will store your new lead's contact information digitally after snapping a quick picture of the business card. CardMunch is a bit different than some other contact storage systems out there because your card images are input and reviewed by actual employees to assure that they are as accurately stored as possible. Now you've got a digital Rolodex that is automatically synced with your online account for a full backup of your entire contact list in case your phone is ever lost or stolen.

4. Mortgage Calculator & Mortgage Rates by Zillow - If you're on an appointment with a potential buyer, you can quickly provide them with a full estimate of their estimated monthly loan payments over the term of their loan. This app will even calculate current mortgage interest rates and calculate that into their payments. If you know the client's income and monthly debt you can get a very accurate estimate of the price of home they may be able to afford. There are even features on this app to walk you through refinancing options and competitive loan estimates.

5. SupraSupra - Forget carrying around that lockbox key any longer. If you have a Blackberry or iPhone, this feature can turn your smartphone into your new lockbox key to access properties. Manage showings and track reports for your listings through the mobile application on the go.

To view the original article, visit BrokerageUBrokerageU.