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What Social Media Networks Should You Use?

June 03 2013

social media marketingSocial media is an important part of a real estate agent's online marketing arsenal. It helps nurture existing leads while generating new ones. But with so many different social networks out there, it can be confusing to decide where to build an online presence--and even more confusing to know how.

It doesn't have to be, though. By knowing who frequents each different social media site, you can tailor your marketing message to that network's unique audience. Using a recent Pew Research Center studystudy that details social media user demographics as our guide, we'll show you what social networks are best for your target market.


A whopping 66% percent of all internet users are on Facebook, making it--by far--the social network with the broadest reach. LinkedIn, the second-ranked social site, sees less than a third of Facebook's activity.

Marketing Strategy - Make no mistake: Facebook is the social network agents and brokers have to be on. Its demographics extend far into all gender, age, education, and income categories. If you don't have a business page set up for your real estate practice, you're missing out on vital leads. 


While a smaller audience than Facebook, Twitter shares similar brand name recognition. This network is a favorite among mobile users, and its gender and income demographics are split fairly evenly.

Marketing Strategy - Twitter is a great way to easily stay abreast of the activities in your community. The name of the game here is sharing useful content from yourself (one-third of the time) and others (two-thirds of the time). Position yourself as a source of local news and events by following the accounts of nearby businesses, media outlets and people. When you see useful information from those local Tweeps, retweet it. Aim to keep your audience in the know about all things local.


While it's second overall to Facebook, LinkedIn members claim the highest income of any other social network. Maybe that's because it's frequented by professionals serious about their careers--but whatever the case, this statistic means that consumers most likely and able to purchase a home are found on LinkedIn.

Marketing Strategy - LinkedIn is a great place to show off your professional chops. Connect with satisfied current and former clients to help build your portfolio of online recommendations. That way, when a potential lead is researching agents, they'll get social proof of your ability to sell their home. Need help getting your profile in tip-top shape? These five tips will help you strengthen your LinkedIn presence.



Pinterest is dominated by women, who use the site at almost four times the rate as men. Members use the site to "pin" visual content from around the web. Happily for real estate agents, the type of content shared is often domestic--photos of interior decor, food, and home DIY projects abound.

Marketing Strategy - To connect with this audience, agents should try sharing decorating and home renovation ideas. While you should feel free to share photos of your listings, keep this as a small portion of your overall strategy. Keep your focus on introducing your audience to things they will find helpful. This can include photos of local attractions to help position yourself as a community expert. For a stellar example of how to effectively use Pinterest, check out the profile of the Good Life Team from Austin, Texas.


While only 12% of the internet uses Instagram, well over a quarter (27%) of users ages 18-29 participate on the photo sharing network. For agents and brokers, this means that Instagram is a great place to connect with members of Generation Y--the fastest growing demographic of potential first time home buyers.

Marketing Strategy - Join this social network if you have a creative eye for mobile photography. Are you able to snap a compelling photograph of that gorgeous new listing with your smartphone? Then your innate artistic sensibilities mean you'll likely enjoy playing with Instagram's photo filters. Likewise, your connections will appreciate following the fruits of your good taste as you document new listings and other interesting sights around your area.