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Make Over Your Tech Tool Collection to Sell More Homes

May 31 2013

This post comes to us from the blog:

homefinder makeovertechtoolsLooking to boost your go-to tech arsenal? We've compiled the must-have apps, gadgets and services you need to add to your collection, to make this summer your most successful selling season yet!

Eliminate paper clutter: Eliminate unnecessary paper and clutter by scanning papers, documents and receipts onto your iPad. Download the Scanner Pro app ($6.99, iOS) to transform your iPhone and iPad into your own personal scanner. Your paper documents automatically become PDFs you can save, share or email at your convenience.

Track your belongings: When you're juggling multiple sets of keys, a phone, a tablet and a laptop bag, you're bound to misplace one of them. The Garmin GTUGarmin GTU ($119) is a small device you can attach to your most important belongings. If one of your designated items has entered or left any of the ten areas you have predetermined, its GPS technology it will automatically inform you by email or text.

Take professional quality photos: Photos are a real estate agent's best friend. Invest in the ultra sophisticated Samsung GC110Samsung GC110 ($449) camera to attract potential buyers before they even set foot inside the home. Thanks to this camera's Wi-Fi connectivity, you can immediately share photos and videos with your clients via email or social media. Also, consider bringing a digital photo frame to open houses, so you can keep a running photo loop of the neighborhood and nearby amenities, so potential buyers can have an idea of their possible future lifestyle.

Boost your iPhone's keyboard power: If you have a hard time typing on your iPhone's tiny screen, connect your iPhone to the Wow-KeysWow-Keys ($31) keyboard so you can type on your phone using a full size keyboard (while also serving as an iPhone charger). It also lets you use various iPhone apps on your computer.

Hassle free parking apps: If you're an urban agent, there's a good chance parking tickets are your top nemesis. Apps like Parker (Free, iOS) tells you where the closest spots are in real time and its GPS guides you to the open space or a local garage. Parking Mate (Free, iOS) keeps track of how much time you have left in your spot, and lets you add "rules," so you remember the parking regulations in different neighborhoods (i.e. street cleaning on Thursdays).

Catch up on news fast: If you're in between appointments and skimming local area news, or staying up to date on national housing trends, CircaCirca (Free, iOS) lets you catch up on the news fast, with no fluff, filler or commentary. The app's editors gather top stories and break them down to their essential points: facts, quotes, photos, and more, formatted specifically for the phone.

Create your own virtual tours: You don't need to invest in a pricey videographer to take videos of your listings. Use the app Ptch (Free, iOS), to create a video by combing photos and videos take on your phone. You can customize each video by adding captions, music, and effects.

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