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Top 10 Articles from May

May 31 2013

What tech related issues mattered to agents most during May? If our monthly list of most read articles is any indication, mobile apps and lead generation were top of mind. Read on to see what else interested your peers.

And don't forget to check out our 2013 Technology Guide2013 Technology Guide (see #10 to learn more), too! Released May 7, this free resource is designed to help real estate pros research tech products. Use it as your guide to finding solutions that help your your business compete as the weather and housing market heat up.

Bees in flower 200px1. DOs and DON'Ts of Texting for Real Estate Agents - by Geneva Ives of Point2
You may have noticed that many of your clients, particularly the younger set, prefer to communicate via text message. In fact, it's estimated that over 8 trillion text messages will be sent this year. Texting is a convenient way of sharing information quickly, but it's not without its pitfalls for professionals.

2. 5 Must Have Apps for REALTORS® - by Katie Ragus of Tribus
If you have some application favorites that make your day to day real estate business run a little smoother, we would love your feedback in the comments below! I've got plenty of suggestions on apps, but here are the top five that made our "Must Have" list to get you started.

3. 3 Apps for Better Photo Lighting - by Kelly J. Phelan
Lighting is one of the most important factors in photography. Nothing says "amateur photo" like a poorly lit shot. That's why we were excited to learn about a type of app that can help you figure out the perfect time of day for taking exterior property photos. These apps work a lot like Google Maps, but instead of giving you directions, they provide you with the angle of the sun for any location you choose.

4. Consumer Alert: Avoid MyBizCardby Victor Lund
There is a service called MyBizCard. It promises to help you with "ratings and reviews from your peers that shows how awesome you are." Every agent wants that. Moreover, it is free! BE VERY CAREFUL, IT IS A VIRUS. Free is the first flag.

5. Five Reasons Why Google+ is Heating up the Real Estate Social Scene - by
Many sources are suggesting that attention is beginning to fade from Facebook and that users are battling "Facebook fatigue" due to numerous privacy changes and the increased prevalence of sponsored content. Since Google is the most used search engine, email host, and data sharing platform for most internet users, it only makes sense to join Google Plus.

6. Cost-Effective Marketing Tips to Attract Home Sellers - by Shannon O'Brien of Market Leader
When you list, you last, or so the old saying goes. How, then is an agent expected to last when finding a homeowner who wants to list is like trying to find Waldo?

7. Are You Receiving Leads from®, Zillow, or Trulia? - by Steve Pacinelli of Tech Savvy Agent
When you respond to these leads with the only form of contact they usually give you, email, are they opening your responses? Do you even know if they opened your email or clicked any links? Let's talk about how to increase that open rate.

8. Product Review: ListingsUnlimited from Properties Online - by Kelly J. Phelan
Single property websites are one of the best tools for marketing your listings. Whereas your personal agent website is all about you and the services you offer, single property websites serve as an exhaustive source of information on a single listing. Not only is it good for your main site's SEO, but because it's a website solely dedicated to marketing their property, it's a potent way to impress sellers--and even win listings.

9. Friday Freebie: Branded Mobile App from® - By RE Technology Staff
According to a recent NAR study, 68% of new home shoppers use mobile apps throughout their research for a home. That's a huge segment of the market, and if you don't have an active mobile strategy, you're could be missing out on significant business. Fortunately, this week's Friday Freebie offers agents a great way to capture mobile consumers.

10. Find the Right Tools for Your Business with our 2013 Technology Guide - by Kelly J. Phelan
Trying to navigate the crowded sea of available tech tools can be a daunting task for real estate professionals. With so many options to choose from, things can get confusing fast. By providing detailed information and points of contact for 127 products in 23 categories, the 2013 Technology Guide acts a valuable reference during your research process. Use it as your starting point whenever you're considering a new tech purchase!