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Want to Be an Online Marketing Sharpshooter?

November 09 2010

online media winsToo much of today’s’ online marketing strategies are random and outcome is too often based on “hope the consumer takes action on their own”.  We talk about driving traffic to our web spaces through SEO, social media, blogging or pay per click… That’s all great but what then?

A recent blog post on RETechnology about using a 3 barrel shotgun for marketing peeked my interest.  The three barrels being; In-person marketing, Direct marketing and Follow-up. It makes perfect sense. What got me thinking is the gun… It seems that too many out there are working with an automatic shotgun and firing randomly in the open space. Sometimes they get a hit and don’t even know it because they are too focused on holding on to that machine gun they can barely handle. When it doesn’t work they go get a  bigger gun… social media is being used to fire away and traffic is being driven to your sites but because so much time is spent on all these traffic driving strategies many are taking their eye of the ball when it comes to converting that effort into actual business.

When the consumer is ready to take action you have a short window of opportunity to connect so you’d better be properly prepared, well equipped and time it right! Consumers are not likely to come back to you if you fail to respond timely the first time. Online marketing is about getting the right message at the right time to the right person. REALTORS®, builders, mortgage companies and multifamily housing companies are being bombarded by the latest and greatest every single day. An entire industry is striving on getting you to buy more silver bullets to shot with but at the end of the day it is up to you to find a target, aim and shoot.

Lots of energy is focused on getting the attention of web browsers to come to your site but not enough on making the most out of the traffic in your site. Once you have web shoppers in your site you have to be able to identify who to target.

At activSalesAgent we focus on getting the right message at the right time in front of the consumer. A simple; How can I be of assistance to you? Your website is not a passive space so you need to be proactive. Target, aim and invite anonymous web shoppers to connect. In sales the first kill is to get in conversation and by targeting your web shoppers you will generate conversations.  activSalesAgent’s concierge live chat tool is the answer that will make you into a sharpshooter. By being able to invite based on behavior you can target web shoppers very efficiently.

As a chat takes place activSalesAgent’s team of virtual sales assistant will help you qualify these prospects. You can now prioritize your action steps.  By lowering the time spent on chasing “never were” prospects you will be able to get more out of the best qualified web shoppers. It simply makes sense! Your website is your most valuable retail space so treat it like it and have people there to help you connect with your next client today!

Happy Chatting!