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What Do You Want Your Clients to Say About You?

May 27 2013

lwolf want clients sayReal estate can be a great career if you are hard-working, self-motivated, and honest professional. These qualities generally come from within you. You either possess these traits, or you do not. However, this alone, is not enough. There are many skills that you can learn and develop to ensure your clients stay with you for life, and refer other clients to you as well.

Think about what it means to be the agent who garners the appreciation of his/her clients as well as the respect of fellow agents and is "showered" with referrals. This type of agent seeks to solve a problem for a friend or mutual client and has found a way to develop a unique and reliable way to consistently produce results in a professional consummate manner.

Here are some ways to become this type of agent:

  • Make yourself available and easy to find and contact. Always keep a stack of current, unique business cards on hand and invest in thoughtful, unique closing gifts. Ensure that all of your outward facing media items are "blanketed" with your contact details, so that it is easy and convenient to "reach out" to you.
  • Be consistent and reliable, even when it hurts. Go the extra mile and do the unexpected. Respond to emails and calls very rapidly. Always be early and appear well in any company. Do what you say and say what you mean.
  • Be active and social. Attend networking events, volunteer for social networking events and charity organizations. Build relationships with other agents and pass leads to others in a friendly and professional manner. Ensure that your social media platforms are up to date and engaging. Send personal notes and email consistently using technology as a "tickler." A well planned drip marketing program, such as that provided in WOLFconnect, can automate and professionalize your correspondence. Provide assistance without being asked and focus on the relationship rather than the "sales pitch." Express sincere concern coupled with positive solutions when facing a contacts problem. This is an opportunity to shine as an individual.
  • Develop a unique service that differentiates you from the rest of the pack. Do things that other agents are unwilling to do. Offer details and services that are above and beyond the normal protocol and duty of the traditional agent. Create an identity that is memorable and progressive. Keep a healthy roster of those agents whom you successfully provide referrals to as well as those who refer clients to you. Express sincere appreciation to everyone, regardless of the successful conversion of a referral. Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic. Keeps the positive vibe going and you will be surprised how contagious it can be.
  • Do not "talk over" your clients' heads with technical real estate terms that appears to be a veiled attempt at showcasing your professionalism. Use common sense terminology that is appropriate and measured. Be approachable with a quiet, calm, confidence. Keep abreast of industry trends by attending training events and reading journals and newsletters – but do not get "sucked in" to becoming the type of agent who is trapped behind the keyboard. Engage your clients and identify their needs and desires. Listen! Listen to what they are telling you and keep good notes.

There is little argument regarding the incredible significance and impact of good referrals and "word of mouth" recommendations, relative to your bottom line and dominance in this industry. Keeping in touch with personal notes and a well thought out "drip marketing" program can do wonders for your business and allow you to be one of those agents that others admire and aspire to be. Take command and be willing to do things, others are not.

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