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Using Time Lapse in Your Property Videos

May 23 2013

At under five minutes in length, it's a challenge for property videos to convey what it's like to live in a home day after day. Sure, they may be great for showing off that huge family room or enviable kitchen, but when it comes to giving buyers insight into what it feels like to live in a particular house long term, video falls flat.

Inspiring buyers to picture themselves living in your listing is a crucial part of converting them into a sale. You can talk about the great neighborhood until you're blue in the face, but it's often the easily overlooked things that finally capture buyers on an emotional level. Maybe it's the way the sun washes the living room in golden light every evening that pushes a buyer over the edge. But how do you convey that in video?

Fortunately, we've discovered a video editing technique that can help you communicate the more intangible qualities of a home. By using time lapse, your videos let viewers experience the passage of time in a home. This is especially useful for houses with lots of natural light. Time lapse video can show the movement of light in a property and provide a glimpse of a day in the life of your listing. Watch the video below for a stunning example of the time lapse technique.

Ready to try incorporating time lapse into your own property videos? Check out the editing tutorial below from our friends at VScreen to learn more.

In iMovie:

  1. Dump the clip you want to adjust into your timeline.
  2. Either select the whole clip or just a portion of it and click "Clip" in the top menu.
  3. Use the "Fast Forward" drop down menu to select how much faster you want it to go.
  4. Then your clip is split and everyone in your selection "looks like Speedy Gonzalez."
  5. From here, you can adjust it even more by pushing "i" to open the inspector and finessing the speed by entering either a percentage or a duration. The length of the clip will adjust accordingly.

In Windows MovieMaker:

  1. Put the clip in the timeline.
  2. Select either the whole clip or cut out the clip you want to apply the effect to using the "Split" function in the edit menu.
  3. Then it's as easy as selecting that newly created clip and using the "Speed" drop down to adjust the speed until you get the desired effect.