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The Top 3 Customer Service Rules of Real Estate

May 22 2013

This post comes to us from BrokerageUBrokerageU:

bu 3 cust serviceOf course, the job of a real estate professional is essentially a sales role; but have you ever considered how big of a part customer service plays in your business, as well?

The most successful agents and brokers will recognize the need for nothing short of amazing customer service. Why? Just like in any other industry, if a client does not feel that they are receiving the level of service that they deserve, they could choose to spend their money with another agent representing them.

Let's talk a little bit about some key components that add up to spectacular customer service and a wow factor for everyone involved.

Anticipate the needs of your customer

You've worked in the field of real estate far longer than your client has been exposed to it. Chances are, you're very unfamiliar with how the buying or selling process should progress; so ease their nerves and spell it out for them. Give them a timeline or checklist of what is to come. You can predict some of the important landmarks and prepare everyone for the most common potential speed bumps. Having a well informed client will make your job much easier as things progress; not to mention the client will also feel much more prepared for any negative news or delays.

Have super fast (and consistent) follow-up

We mentioned in a previous articleprevious article that a small follow-up time frame is key for winning over new clients. Not only that, but this is also super important throughout the entire sales process. We're not just talking about follow-up regarding the client either; your follow-up could be with the inspector, closing attorney, loan officer, the other agent(s) involved, etc. Be available on multiple channels: email, office phone, cell phone, text, live chat and more. Just be careful not to offer up any contact info for services that you rarely check.

A few additional ideas: write a blog about your take on the direction of the housing market, post community updates on Facebook, address buyer/seller questions on Twitter, and begin a YouTube channel to showcase your videos. Being more involved in the real estate community equals so many more online resources for your clients to access. This way, the customer feels like they're hearing from you almost constantly and you show that you're available and dependable when they need you.

Make things as easy as possible for your buyer or seller

Is there someone the client needs to call? Provide them with the contact name and phone number. Are you meeting them at an open house? Provide pictures and property features for them to look over as well as the address and directions a few days prior. Are there documents needing their signature? Go through and mark exactly where they need to sign, initial, etc. Do they need more info on a home warranty? Pull the specs and pricing for all of their different options. You get the idea.

The client should never have to go looking for the information themselves, since you are there to be their personal guide throughout this process. The more you can simplify the experience, the better their evaluation will be of you as their agent.

What's next?

Now that your clients love you, make sure to show off your hard work! Many of the services that you are probably already using offer quick and easy ways of requesting and showcasing client testimonials. Think TruliaTruliaZillowZillow, and even LinkedIn. Just add this last step to your to-do list after each closing: send a quick email with a link for them to rate your performance and add their comments. Requesting the review through your desired website/service allows you to then display that review as needed.

Don't stop there. Since both Trulia and Zillow allow you to create widgets which include your desired criteria; you can even use this testimonial widget right on your website to maximize the exposure of all these great client reviews.

To view the original article, visit BrokerageUBrokerageU.