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10 Action Steps to More Strategic Social Media

November 04 2010

It's an action oriented world.  Social media is fast paced and before you know it the three or four well-planned Tweets you prepared are burried in two minutes.  We are all just figuring out how to use utilize social media to grow our business.

Some have made social media the focus of their professional practice and research.  One of the more noteable leaders is Dan Zarella.

As a preview for his upcoming webinar, he has taken ten of the most important lessons from his research and distilled them into actionable advice that you can implement in your own marketing strategies and tactics.

1. Try lots of campaigns and iterate on what works. Conduct your own version of evolution, start with many different ideas and learn which things did well and do more of that.

2. Audience size does matter. Quality does not negate the need for quantity, you need to have both engaged followers, and a large number of followers.

3. Find and target your influencers. Having influential people in your audience is important, and especially in less technical industries, those members of your market who are on social media first, are the most influential.

4. Bigger & louder works – to a point. You can yell over the top of the social media clutter, but only for so long.

5. Personalize: talk to your audience. Ever heard your name over the top of the noise in a crowded party? That's selective attention, utilize it in your marketing.

6. Avoid link fatigue. If you want more clicks, Tweet fewer links. Don't wear your audience's attention out.  

7. Help your audience look cool. Social media users are constantly performing, so your brand needs to be a badge of honor to help increase their reputations.  

8. Don’t let information voids form around your brand. Rumors form when there's a lack of authoritative information, always get out in front of every potential crisis.  

9. Don’t talk about yourself so much. Nobody likes to talk to the guy at the party who's only talking about himself. Don't be that guy on social media.

10. Don’t forget calls-to-action. As with every kind of marketing, you need to ask your audience to take the action you want them to do. Social media is no different, ask for the share.

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