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Tips for Communicating With Leads

May 13 2013

speakHere are some great tips from the Tiger Lead Summit.

Succeed with eight magic words:

  1. Because ("Because we haven't had a second showing, we're going to have to reset the price")
  2. Now
  3. Imagine
  4. Thank you
  5. Please
  6. Use their name only twice (any more than that and they won't trust you)
  7. You are in charge or in control
  8. With your permission

- Sandy Raines

Make a short video to introduce yourself. "Hi, I'm Trevor Ainsworth. I just wanted to let you know I'm a real person and I hope you are too." – Trevor Ainsworth

I had a great conversation with Trevor on Saturday about this technique. It's simple, builds rapport and generates great results. Programs like BombBombBombBomb allow for quick and easy recording right on your phone.

Guide the lead on a path and they will follow you. Make sure the agents ask open-ended questions. If you're the person asking questions, you're in control of the conversation. – Tiffany Lachnidt

If you can't get through to someone on the phone, immediately send them a text. For example, "Just a quick question: would you like me to send you listings from area xxx?" - Trevor Ainsworth

If you don't get a response to someone, text them "I'm really sorry, have I done something to upset you?" Your phone will ring really fast! – Tiffany Lachnidt

"Whether you're looking to buy in two months or not for two years, I'm okay with that." – Unknown, but this is a great line!

Do role-playing every day so that agents are the masters of their scripts. – Tiffany Lachnidt

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