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Want an Easy New Way to Share Your Expertise Online?

October 29 2010

TwitVid logoReal estate agents are constantly seeing things with their eyes that has value for building relationships with consumers. Agents go to open houses, talk with buyers and sellers, talk with other agents about the market, and attend seminars and other forums to collect information that makes them better professionals.

In the recent surge to adopt social media, Twitter has become a tool used by REALTORS® to share real estate information with consumers. This is done in short sentences or with link sharing to blog posts or other news that they find on the Internet.

Using your video enabled cell phone, you can now extend your content gathering to your real life using twitvid.

To get started, visit from your mobile browser and press the Tweet a Video Link.

Sign in using your Twitter username and password. Once you are signed in, press the "Tweet a Video" button again.

Twitvid can also work using your desktop with the camera connected to your laptop or desktop. Use any device to capture your video and use Twitvid to send the tweet to your Twitter followers. As an added bonus – your video gets shared on, and you can also share it to Facebook, YouTube or MySpace.

It is super easy. In fact, after you have created your free account, you can also simply publish your video by sending an email or MMS to the custom email address that Twitvid provides to you (like [email protected]).

Give it a shot and let us know how you like it.

If you find this information useful, share it with others in your office or your friends on Twitter.