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Time to Dust Off That Blog?

April 10 2013

blog micThere's no getting around it: Photos, video and other visuals are dominating social media and the web. But the core of your real estate agent marketing—or your brand—is its voice. In other words, you still have knowledge, experience, data and information to impart to your clients and prospects. And there's no better way to establish that than a blog, or regularly maintain the one you already have.

Whether you read it on Facebook, heard it at a real estate conference or were advised by a colleague: Start a blog. And it really is simple. Set it up in Wordpress or another free program, add your bio and start cranking out the posts.

But once you get into it, you soon realize it does take some work. What do you write about? How often do you post? How do you get traffic to the blog, and where do you promote it? Basically, how do you turn the time, money and effort into something that stimulates your real estate business and your marketing?

We've talked before about the importance of having a blog on your web site. (See: How a Blog Can Save Your Real Estate Business and Unique Content: Why Your Blog Needs It). Both of these articles explain how a blog improves your site's search-engine rankings by making it less static and providing it with searchable keywords and helpful information for buyers.

Creating unique content is key for your blog, but this doesn't mean that you have to reinvent the wheel. Your blog is a tool for communicating with other real estate agents and bloggers. Therefore it's also an option to write about... what they just wrote about.

But overall it's not just about posting a new listing or a reduced price, you can write about anything having to do with your business. Neighborhood trends, interactive tools used for your business, new agents joining the company. Anything you want to share that has the potential to connect you to both the wide world of social media and the more focused world of your local real estate market.

For more information on how to get started on a blog, click hereclick here.

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