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Detox Your Digital Real Estate Presence this Spring Selling Season

March 28 2013

This post comes to us from the blog:

homefinder detox digitalThis time of year is focused on simplifying, cleaning house, and ridding the excess that has accumulated over the winter months. As you work to eliminate extra baggage in your personal life, have you thought about "detoxing" your digital real estate presence? Follow these steps to enter the spring real estate season on a lighter foot!

1.) Go Digital: Commit to a paperless real estate business. Dedicate 30 minutes a day to recycle, shred or save the stacks of papers your office has accumulated. Moving forward, enroll with eFaxeFax to send and receive virtual faxes; sign up for paperless bill pay; save all your business receipts electronically; and sign up for a service such as Evernote to manage your data, documents, billing, notes and more from one central portal.

2.) Freshen Up Your Website: Is your contact information current? Are your listings active? When was the last time you updated your blog or published new site content? Maybe you need to simplify the layout and streamline the design. Now is the time to do so.

3.) Purge Your Photos: Consolidate all the listing photos you have on your phone, camera, email and computer to a photo-sharing site, such as PicasaPicasa. Easily access photos in one central location, delete photos you no longer need and organize the rest into files by address, subdivision, town, etc.


4.) Dress Up Your Online Listings: You know you have a fantastic listing, but why isn't it getting any bites? Maybe the quality of your photos (or the lack there of) is the issue. Photos are the most important detail to include in your listing; according to NAR, having at least one photo on your online listings could increase the sales price by up to 3.9 percent! Take the time to stage your listings; to be sure to capture them in their best light and remove any unflattering listing photos from your digital marketing. Consider investing in a Single Property Website, a unique URL, address specific website, which is specific to the individual listing and will help get your listings to the top of a Google search.

5.) Focus on Your Best Digital Self: Believe it or not, you can control what others say about you online. Sign up for Google Alerts to keep track of where you and your business are mentioned online. Register with Brand Yourself, a free online service that lets you control the information that is most visible on Google.

6.) Put a Cap on Leaky Expenses: Do you know exactly where all your business expenses are going? While real estate related subscriptions and marketing services fees might seem small individually, they can quickly add up. A service such as OutrightOutright will record and organize all your income and expenses, so you can eliminate mindless business related spending.

7.) Social Media Detox: Cut through the social media clutter and spend a few hours on your networks to Unfollow and Unlike those who bring no value to your real estate business. Are you looking to build your brand, increase your audience, or drive sales? Make sure your social media channels are accomplishing this. Do your social media profiles include relevant links to your website, blog and other social media presences? If not, add them. Make sure your photos are current and relevant.

8.) Get Back to Social Basics: Without fully understanding your social media audience, it is difficult to know how to most effectively engage them. Consider a service such as Sprout Social that lets you control your Facebook and Twitter accounts from one platform, calculates your audience demographics and weekly page impressions. Pinterest recently rolled out its new Analytics, which calculates metrics such as repins, impressions and clicks. This will help you understand the content your followers are most interested in.

We hope these tips help you feel a little lighter as the spring selling season takes off!

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