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World Series of Wireless

October 26 2010

throwing baseball 200pxWhen I was a young boy, I would practice throwing and catching against the wall of our boathouse. My parents grew to love watching me out the window of our living room, and even grew to love the hours of thump, thump, thump as the ball ricocheted off the wooden wall. I do not recall my age when all of that ended, but it did, very abruptly. You see, as boys grow up, they get stronger and eventually, they can throw the ball hard enough to break the wood on the side of the house.

I will never forget that day. I was elated that I was strong enough to throw the ball hard enough to break the boathouse. My parents freaked out.

For years now we have been watching the growth of wireless adoption among consumers. Yesterday, I visited with the CEO of one of the largest MLS service providers in the United States. Eighty percent of his agents report that wireless MLS is "very important" to their business today. You do not need to be a rockstar consultant to understand that wireless is an important and core MLS service.

Nielsen reported that 25% of US Households have at least one Smartphone. Given that, it is safe to presume that consumers feel as strongly as REALTORS® that wireless services are pretty important. In other words, by extension we can make a claim that not only is wireless a core MLS service, but it is also a core service expected by consumers from their REALTOR®.

Here is the sad part – fewer than 5% of REALTORS® use wireless MLS.

When will we break through and help real estate professionals understand how important it is that they take the time to learn how to access the MLS on their mobile phone?

If you are an agent – stop reading this now and call your MLS to configure your mobile phone to access MLS data.

If you are a broker – go office to office, agent to agent and make sure that every one of your sales associates learns how to access MLS data on their phone.

If you are an MLS – make next month Mobile MLS month. Set a goal to contact every subscriber by email, telephone, video, or in person to configure their mobile devices to access MLS listings.

Break the boathouse wall!