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How to Use Email Marketing to Sell More houses

March 14 2013

Guest contributor Delta Media Group says:

emailHave you ever ordered an item from Amazon? Have you ever shopped the website and set up an account? If so, you've probably received follow-up emails from them featuring further information on the specific products you shopped for.

If you've ever received emails from other companies, they might not have been as successful at piquing your interest. Perhaps some were too narrow for your interests. Others might have been so broad that they didn't key in on what you were interested in. Some might have had overly salesy titles that turned you off. You might have received some so often that you quickly unsubscribed. And still, many emails you never saw because they found their way to your SPAM folder before you found them.

With such inconsistency, it's a wonder that email marketing works at all. But statistics show the average email CTR (click-through rate) is 5.4 percent, while open rates are about 20 percent, and conversion rates can vary by industry and email type. Compare those numbers to your days of cold they sound good to you?

Email marketing is a key component of Internet marketing, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why. Email is a broadly used communication medium, and allows consumers to easily see what they're interested in--if they receive what they're interested in.

The key to email marketing is sending emails of interest to your consumers. In the case of real estate, that doesn't mean emails about you and your company, but about the markets they're shopping in, the types of homes they want, specific listing details, and more.

More detailed listing emails allow your consumers to receive the marketing materials they're interested in, rather than those that might meet a couple qualifications, but miss on the major ones. Have additional search criteria you'd like to see added? Let us know and we can take care of it.

Improving the targeting of your email marketing over "batch-and-blast" emails is proven to improve your open and click-through rates, as well as your conversions. A recent study even shows a 208 percent higher conversion rate among targeted emails over "batch-and-blast" generic marketing emails.

Email marketing can vary greatly between business types, whether it be business-to-business, eCommerce, or real estate marketing, which would not have a direct online sales component attached. Email marketing is an important part of your online business, but it works best when run the right way. And that's something you want measured, so you can see its effectiveness for yourself, and look for areas where you might improve your email marketing initiatives.

We can help you do all those things, and improve your real estate sales and online initiatives as a result. Contact Delta Media Group to learn more.

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