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Experiment With Sign Rider Messaging For Maximum Return

March 14 2013

signrider experimentAt the Sign Rider Store, we like to emphasize the ability to print and hang signs right when you need them. Let's explore what this means with respect to designing the most effective messaging possible.

Think of each sign you hang as an experiment. Monitor each listing to see how potential buyers respond. After a predetermined period of time, if the response rate is less than favorable, design and print a new sign with an adjusted marketing message. Perhaps you could highlight a different amenity, or favorable perk regarding the listing's location. Swap out your existing signage (be sure to keep the Reusable Insert!) and monitor the response.

Response Monitoring and Add-ons

There are a few ways in which you can measure the effectiveness of your signage. In many cases, there is a direct call to action, such as your phone number or an email address. Our sign riders are designed to spark buyer interest and initiate the interaction that leads to a closing. Clear messaging that highlights one or more amenities is a great and effective way to do this, assuming your primary sign displays the necessary contact information.

signrider experiment addonHowever with Add-on services like Lead Capture (which offers unique SMS codes, auto-text response and text/email alerts for your signs), you not only lower the connection barrier, but now have control of the engagement opportunity.

What's more is that you have a way to save and update lead information in a personal dashboard. This provides insight into buyer interest relative to other listings you may have on the market.

If you happen to hang several lead capture signs in a given neighborhood and find one is attracting significantly less interest than others, it might be time to supplement your lead capture sign with an additional sign rider displaying simple amenity or property highlights.

Rinse, repeat, and over time you will optimize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy!

Start creating sign riders today by signing up for a free account with the Sign Rider Store. You'll can create and edit as many sign riders as you'd like, then download a PDF of your sign to save or print. Click here to learn more.Click here to learn more.