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Google Reader is Dead?! 4 Alternatives to Ease the Pain

March 14 2013

Google broke sad news to fans of its RSS reader today. The company announced that it would discontinue Google Reader on July 1, leaving users scrambling to find new solutions.

Good alternatives will be hard to come by, though. Reader has the benefit of Google's massive data infrastructure behind it and is readily available to anyone with a Google account. Users have the ability to easily +1, star, or share any article to their Google+ circles. Did we mention the web based interface that lets you access your favorite blog and website feeds from any computer, or the mobile app that lets you browse on the go

Sigh. While you can count us among Google Reader's many mourners, we're ready, willing, and (dare I say it?) even eager to explore replacements. Since we know that many real estate professionals use Reader to keep up with their favorite industry, news, and local blogs and websites, we've compiled a short list of promising Google Reader alternatives.

1. FeedlyFeedly

google reader feedly

The most proactive of the bunch, Feedly saw the writing on the wall when it came to Google Reader's demise. They've announced that they're readying a "seamless transition" that lets Reader users easily transfer their favorite feeds to the service.

The application itself is clean and beautifully designed. You can visually display your feeds in multiple ways--mosaic, titles only, magazine style, full articles, and more. With social sharing features and iOs, Android, and web accessibility, Feedly is our top Google Reader replacement.

2. NewsBlurNewsBlur

If you crave the comfort of the familiar, NewsBlur may be the choice for you. The interface is similar to Google Reader, though somewhat slicker. This open source project is free, and is available on the web, and as iOS and Android apps.

3. NetVibesNetVibes

google reader netvibes

Old school RSS users many already be familiar with NetVibes, another cloud based reader that will feel comfortable to Google users. If you were a fan of the old iGoogle homepage, NetVibes' Widgets view will make you happy. Our one reservation with NetVibes, however, is its lack of a solid search feature.

4. The Old ReaderThe Old Reader

Lovers of "vintage" (read: pre-October 2011) Google Reader, will appreciate this service, still in beta. Self-described as "just like the old Google Reader, only better," the Old Reader will let you easily import your subscriptions and share with and follow friends. A mobile app is still in the works.

What are your plans for transitioning from Google Reader? Any services or apps that you recommend?