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Attitude Makes All the Difference

October 25 2010

overwhelmedgirl200pxOften the biggest roadblock to our professional and personal success is negativism.  Comments like:

  • You think the fact that I haven't sold anything in six months is my fault? Hardly!
  • Does she think I'm on call 24/7? I don't care how important that transaction is to her, I'm not going to drive anywhere today for anyone. Why can't people be more flexible and understanding?
  • Who forgets about an open house appointment, to go pick up their kids from school?  Let them walk! 
  • If I have to drive around another uncertain buyer one more time... heads will roll.
  • Doesn't anyone understand the economy is in ruins?
  • No Internet?  The day is done... nothing can be accomplished in the face of this setback.
  • Everyone is against me.

Positive mental thinking helps us all rise above stress, blame shifting and focusing on the less than perfect circumstances around us.  When we take a step back and get a birds eye view on life, why we do what we do takes on new significance and you start to remember to be thankful for all the blessings in life around you.

Zig Zigler, a finiancial wizard and advice guru, addresses the effects of negativism and how it impairs success. It sounds simple, but often the problem isn't THEM.  The problem is YOU. To watch a short videoshort video of him telling a story about a negative woman and her path to positive freedom, continue reading.

If you would like to view the above video, as found on YouTube, please click hereclick here.

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