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How Facebook’s New Look Benefits You

March 13 2013

homes fb new look benefitFacebook updates its interface so frequently it can be hard to keep up. Yet again, the social media giant is introducing changes that will revolutionize the experience and real estate agents are sure to benefit from it. Here is a quick breakdown of the changes coming and what it means for your business.

Graph Search

What It Is: Graph Search is where social media and search engines meet. You can use graph search to find people, places, and things based on your own search parameter. Find people who share your interests, certain photos, and even discover new restaurants to try or bands to listen to, all based on what your Facebook friends are doing on Facebook.

How You Use It: Type your search parameters in the search bar: "restaurants my friends have been to this month" or "photos my friends have taken in Las Vegas" or something of the like.

How It Benefits You: This broadens your exposure to more prospects on Facebook. When people need a real estate agent, they can use Graph Search to look for "real estate agents my friends know."

News Feed

This week Facebook announced they are revamping their news feed yet again. Mark Zuckerberg and others on the Facebook team are heading toward a more visually appealing news feed.

What It Is: A new virtually driven stream of posts. Pictures, videos, and other visual content will be prevalent in the news feed, providing a sort of "personalized newspaper" look.

How You Use It: It will work basically the same way the news feed works now, but visual elements will be the primary focal point.

How It Benefits You: With a more visually appealing news feed, you have ample opportunity to showcase your listings through photos and videos. This will create easier engagement for you. As fun as it is to post statuses about your listings, now you can let your listing photos do the talking.

As Facebook keeps unrolling new changes that are exciting and helpful to real estate agents, your social media marketing strategy should be at the forefront of your mind. Are you using your social media platforms to their full marketing potential? Does the thought overwhelm you? No matter what your skill level in the social sphere, Homes Connect's Social Impact can help you.

With Social Impact from Homes Connect you can engage more prospects, protect your online reputation, and control the conversation on social media. To learn more about Social Impact, including how to get it for your business, click hereclick here.

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