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Facebook Ideas for REALTORS®

February 21 2013

This article comes to us from BrokeBrokerageUageU:

brokerageu like iconWe know you're working hard on your website, but are your Facebook followers feeling the love, too? Here are some quick tips for you to maximize your visitor reach with everything that you do online.

You just wrote a blog post...

  1. Now post that link on your real estate business Facebook page.
  2. Log into Facebook as the page admin.
  3. Go to your Facebook profile page.
  4. Click on your desired blog post from your website (most likely found here:
  5. Copy the post link after you click on it to view.
  6. Paste that link on your Facebook page's wall.
  7. Did you know you can even set this up to happen automaticallyautomatically?

To boost your interaction with Facebook followers...

  1. Ask a question directed to your followers!
  2. Think of question topics that will spur new blog ideas for you.
  3. Ask anything! It can be their favorite activities in the area, opinions of new city ordinances, a poll of local schools, or something else you're wondering about to boost feedback.

To encourage even more interaction on Facebook...

  1. Invite your followers to ask YOU their questions.
  2. You might have to give them some ideas.
  3. Invite them to pick your brain on market activity, home features, REOs, etc.
  4. Then, comment back and forth with them on your Facebook page.
  5. If it's a particularly interesting topic, write up a blog post and then make sure to post a link to the published post onto your Facebook wall.
  6. You can even make a quick video answering the question to post to Facebook. Don't forget to post to your blog, too!

Announce new listings and open houses...

  1. Once you've added a new listing to your website, make sure to post a direct link to this property on Facebook.
  2. Use the same tips of how from step #1 above.

Bring in new visitors to your website!

  1. Don't forget--the greatest asset of your website is the home search!
  2. Frequently post direct links to your custom search page onto your Facebook wall.
  3. Entice followers by giving a different intro each time: "Looking for a new home in the _______ school district?" , "View the NEWEST homes on the market in ________" , "Like the _______ historic district? Take a look at what's on the market now!"

You get the idea!

Just keep followers interested and make sure they are hearing from you and seeing activity on your Facebook page as often as possible!

To view the original article, visit the BrokerageU blog.