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Getting Started With Vine For Real Estate

February 14 2013

Vine logoThe latest social media sensation to hit the web is Twitter's latest project, Vine. The concept is pretty simple, you can create a 6 second video with audio that can be looped. The idea behind the service seems to be like a combination of Twitter and Instagram for video.

Given the constraints involved with having just 6 seconds to get your point across, it's pretty obvious where the shortcomings will be. But in the same way that Twitter constrains you to 140 characters to get your message out, 6 second video also spawns some creativity from those constraints. What type of message can you get across in 6 seconds?

Giving a Glimpse of Your Day-to-Day

Social media by it's very nature is voyeuristic. Getting a peek into people's day to day lives is what it's all about. Can you show off something about what you do in a day that is worth sharing?

A Quick 360° View of a Room

In 6 seconds you can do a quick spin around a room to showcase the features of one of your listings. Does the property have an awesome view from the backyard? Take a quick video and show it off to prospective buyers. Sometimes a bite sized video can show off much more than you could with sharing just a picture.

Show Off Your SOLD moments

Show your sellers putting that SOLD sticker on the real estate sign or getting the keys to their new home. These moments are a dream come true for buyers and sellers, why not share a quick montage of them with the rest of the world?

Your Team in Action

Give a glimpse of what it's like in your office and the team you work with. People having a little fun during their workday goes a long way when recruiting new agents for an office. Anything that gives a good look at the company culture and dynamic is great to share.

A Chance to Get Creative

Vine is still a very fledgling platform. Try things out. See what works and what doesn't. I've seen lots of people trying stop motion animation and getting really clever with the platform. Feel free to experiment, you never know when you might stumble across something awesome.

Vine is currently only available for iOS, but it's expected they will come out with an Android app soon enough. See if you can put it to good use for your real estate business.

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