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How to Get More "Likes" On Facebook

February 10 2013

facebook keyEarlier this week, the Houston ChronicleHouston Chronicle ran a story called "Plan to take a vacation from Facebook? You aren't alone," which shared news that about 27 percent of Facebookers – and 38 percent of 18-29 year-olds – said they planned to spend less time on the social network this year, and 61 percent have at one time or another taken a "Facebook vacation" lasting several weeks or more.

Nevertheless, other social media pundits claim that even if you take a "vacation" from Facebook, you're eventually coming back. And your real estate clients and prospects will be, as well. During the last few weeks, we've kept you posted on new Facebook news, like the new Facebook search engine. Unlike Google that returns thousands, sometimes millions, of results for a search, Facebook aims to return the single best answer, showing that Facebook might be innovating in ways that keeps people coming back.

Taking that into consideration, how do you increase your "Likes" to get more views and contacts through this platform? Here are a few pointers:

Get your Facebook business page up: If you don't have the business page, you're only building a friend network, which is not the same. A Facebook business page is the right way to market a business.

Start Posting: Expect to put up several (10) posts on there before you start marketing it. No one wants to see or "Like" a blank Facebook page.

Start close to home: Get other agents in your office to like your page and vice versa. No one wants to be the first person to "Like" a page.

Get your Listings Inside Facebook: Include pictures and make sure the listings look great. Let your homeowners know you went through the expense of getting their property into Facebook. Ask them to visit your Facebook page and 'Like' their listing. This promotes the listings through their network. Ask them to get their friends/family to like the listing as well. (The average person has 130 friends on Facebook. Each 'like' promotes the property and your page to another 130 people).

Show Some Status: Add frequent Status Updates that might appeal to the people you want to attract, but don't over think it. Just post updates. Maybe there's a local bar that just added a new beer on tap. Maybe there's a holiday event coming up? Maybe you were invited to list a house in a bad part of town and had a funny (scary) experience? Post an update.

Go Visual: Post pictures if you can along with your status update. Keep the post short and at the end ask provoking questions: "Hit 'like' if there's a better than 50% chance I'll see you at this Halloween fest this weekend."

Promote Your Business: Not everything has to be "Liked" – use your business page as a platform to promote business. Definitely post the date and time of open houses. Link to the listing you created in Facebook.

What are your thoughts? Are you taking a break from Facebook, or are you finding it a worthwhile use of your marketing hours? Let us know in the comments section!

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