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Unlocking Fresh Ideas for Real Estate Blogging and Content Marketing

January 21 2013

dps freshblog 1The average attention span a web user is less than that of a goldfish. We as a species are at eight seconds. Do I still have you? Staying relevant, fresh and holding the attention of your audience is a challenge. With the explosion of choices on the Internet, real estate bloggers and marketers are paying attention to how home buyers see the world from their perspective and adding a little smidgen of shock and awe to hold them.

Capitalizing on the interest of Internet users is easier than ever with tools such as Google Trends and Hot SearchesGoogle Trends and Hot Searches for ideas on how to bridge topics that relate to current events. For ideas and breaking news in the real estate industry, I regularly browse sources such as Inman News, RE Technology, AGBeat, RISMedia and Yahoo! Homes. I also regularly prowl Twitter using the hashtag, #realestate and #realtor and use Google AlertsGoogle Alerts to send results directly to my email inbox. Google+ is another excellent resource as the savviest people on Internet have been pioneering that platform since its release. Circle us and we'll circle you!

dps freshblog 2How do you connect with a younger audience? Memes are a favorite of mine because they are simple and quick and provide a picture to break up the monotony of actual information. I like humor, I think other people do as well and if you have a favorite T.V. show or movie character, their image should be easy to find on sites like (If you are easily offended, do not use this resource, you have been warned.) You can create witty or not so witty quotes to spruce up your image and show people some personality in your marketing.

Another popular trend used in blogging and particularly on Pinterest is the infographic. This one was generated in about 20 minutes. There are sites that offer free use of a limited set of templates and, of course if you fall in love, monthly packages. Using infographics is a great way to capture your audience and convey your message visually. I would not include a great deal of information because it negates the point of quick and dirty visual marketing. Here are a few resources:, and piktochartpiktochart.

dps freshblog 3

We all know about the main social networking channels, but to really understand your target audience or demographic, search to see if there are any social networks that target a specific lifestyle interest like equestrian or golf. You may find a new resource to promote yourself as someone who is particularly knowledgeable about real estate that caters to their interest. HOA websites typically offer events calendars, so you can see what's happening and even attend for some in person social networking...and then write about it.

Trulia VoicesTrulia Voices is another great resource to use for content generation ideas. Just because someone beat you to the punch on that platform and answered the question doesn't mean you can't pose the same questions in a rhetorical manner and answer it in your own blog post. For the more adventurous, Quora is a website that is all about the question and answer. Set up an account and search "real estate" to see what people are curious about concerning real estate. Becoming more engaged and knowledgeably addressing the concerns of your audience of home buyers should result in more website traffic and website traffic results in more opportunity for leads. Thank you for your attention, I know it's been far beyond the average, now let's all go back to swimming.

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