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Inman Connect NY: Day 2

January 18 2013

inman re connect nycWe're continuing our coverage of Inman Connect New York (check out Day 1 here) by following the official conference hashtag on Twitter, #ICNY. We've organized tweets chronologically and by presentation below for easier reading.


Looking Out Two Years, What is Next for Technology?

@utahREpro - Technology is an enabler and we are storing all of this data. Predictive analytics are going to be big going forward - Steve Berkowitz #ICNY

@EV_USA - It's not just about the technology. It's how it can be used to improve client experience. #icny # evusa

@debra11 - People (online consumers) want to stay anonymous as long as possible... When they are ready - THEY will reveal themselves.#ICNY

@susanharrison - The role of #realtors is to help the public interpret the data - that's the value-add #ICNY

New Kids on the Block

@SusanaMurphy - New kids on the block, here is the panel of the newest most innovative techs coming up in Real Estate #icny #Alante

inmannyc 2 twitpic

@debra11 - BOOM! @jimmymackin is sharing about #Curaytor on the #ICNYstage - NOW! The Conversation Search Engine... very cool.

@JulieZiemelis - NuOffer-Realtors, you can run your business from your iPad. Write an offer in two minutes, write a counter offer in less than 10 sec.#ICNY

@RobinTaylorRoth - Listings with floorplans get lots more views. Check out MagicPlan in the app store. #ICNY

@JoeSchutt - Tony @cappaert rocked the stage at #icny with . Better than a CRM. Demo'd & was amazing-getting even better-check it out

@LindaDavis - BlockAvenue provides you with hyper-local block by block reviews. New kids. #icny

@RobinTaylorRoth - collates MLS investment listings, & calculates ROI & other rates, to help investors ID the best deal. #ICNY

Pushing the Envelope: Beta-Brokers

@DMPInc - Real estate trend: socially conscious real estate firms. Do-Good Real Estate donates part of commission to charity #Beta-brokers#ICNY

@TuckerWanna - This new real estate brokerage has basically created a coworking real estate space for their agents to increase collaboration. #ICNY

@DMPInc - Broker of tomorrow: Think of yourself as tech & marketing co that practices real estate #BetaBrokers #ICNY

How Do We Make Real Estate Fun, Without Making it Frivolous?

@TuckerWanna - Apply personality branding within your business. People want to have a reason to relate to you. #ICNY

@MaineNerd - LOVE - "Set a big passionate goal - strive to be good at living not just good at working" @nik_nik #icny

@utahREpro - Don't wait, just do it! It's never too late to be who you want to be! [email protected]_nik #ICNY

Trust and Transparency in Social Media: What It Means for Brands

@MaineNerd - Great thing to remember "People want to talk to the CEO and the brand not just the intern" @katielance #icny

@utahREpro - There's a lot of fear of saying the wrong thing in Social Media [email protected] #ICNY

@TuckerWanna - People get disappointed when they look for you online, but can't find you, or can't find about who you are. [email protected] #ICNY

@peterjcimino - Using #SocialMedia is any business, you must be authentic. Be you or don't do it at all... #ICNY #bnar13

@debra11 - The "rule" is no tweeting or posting after 9pm or 2 drinks at professional events... It's about reputation management. #ICNY

Breakout Sessions

@susanharrison - Rethinking traditional computers in a brokerage because most agents just want to get on the cloud #ICNY

@DMPInc - Tech savvy brokerages view offices as client meeting centers. Think living rooms not cubicles! #ICNY

@reneefishman - "every section of your website should serve a utilitarian purpose that your competitors don't offer" #icny #technology

@LindaDavis - Broker panel recommended tools: Nudge, Evernote, Testimonial Tree, , . #icny

@TuckerWanna - Offer "get the deduction by signing up now" type of promotions at the end of the year. #saas #ICNY

@carolfarrar - Incorporating comp reports on each listing in the MLS will foster communication of value among agents & appraisers. #agentpanel#ICNY

@susanharrison - When dealing with the public it's not about the sales pitch, it's about being a part of their daily lives #ICNY

@sothebysrealty - "Your 1st listing photo is like the cover of a magazine" @JanieC#ICNY

@sociable_agent - Why use only a few, big photos? Because "small photos make a small impression." Well said! Good photos matter! #ICNY