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5 Awesomely Bad Listing Photos

January 17 2013

Here on the Point2 Blog, we've talked a lot about listing photos. We all know that great photos help sell homes. But how about really bad photos? Today for a laugh, we're going to share with you five truly terrible real estate photos. And we'll tell you how they could've been avoided.

1. Kitchen Nightmares

point2 bad photos 1

Does this flowery kitchen really have concave walls? How is a buyer ever going to find the right curved fridge to fill that space?

The fix: Some well-meaning individual probably told this aspiring home photographer that a wide angle lens could help capture more of the room. While there are times when this is totally true, taking distortion to the extreme is never a good idea. Heed our advice and avoid the fisheye at all costs. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done about the wallpaper.

2. This House Has Serious Game

point2 bad photos 2

Dead animals always help sell a home, right? This agent clearly didn't read our recent blog post about home stagingblog post about home staging.

The fix: Remove the taxidermy. Make sure all three lightbulbs work. Consider limiting yourself to two tables per shot.

3. Let's Get Intimate

point2 bad photos 3

Nifty vanity, right? Pay no attention to the shirtless photographer in the mirror. And hey! What's going on in the bedroom?

The fix: Take photos of your listing when no one else is in the home. That way you don't capture any, um, private moments. And try to keep your reflection out of mirrors. Unless you're a vampire; then don't worry about it.

4. Welcome to the Funhouse

point2 bad photos 4

We think we're getting dizzy! Is this house built on a hill?

The fix: Stand straight. Try using a tripod. Don't overindulge in adult beverages before heading out to snap photos of your new listing.

5. The Doll Stays in the Picture

point2 bad photos 5a

Dolly here would like you to admire the lovely fireplace. Creeped out yet?

point2 bad photos 5b

How about now? We know we said we'd only show you five pictures, but we couldn't resist. Dolly appears in every picture of this $1,000,000 listing. This is the stuff of nightmares!

The fix: This one's obvious. Leave the evil doll in the box in the attic where she belongs.

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