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Tell Us! How Do You Use Social Media to Further Your Business?

Lieupofgirlslarge200pxHello RETechnology agents!

I am working on a project with Chris Brogan for Human Business Works, it is a project specifically for the real estate industry and we are seeking real estate professionals top share their personal success stories of how they are using a variety of social media platforms to build their real estate business. Especially awesome are multiple and continued success stories! The idea is to give great examples of best practices and processes that are working, in the words of the agent who is doing it and credited to that person.

We want to share your social media success stories!!!

Some of the suggested platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Posterous, SEO, anything you want to add.

The advantage to the real estate professional, if selected to be used in the project, is that your story will also help build your credibility as an area expert and add to your resume. And don't forget the exposure you will get! Show those clients who the best agent is!!

If you are interested please send your success story to Maya ([email protected]), and try to put it in the format requested, or as closely as you can. If selected we may need additional some additional information form you. And please share it with anyone you know! Any small success is great to share, or a large one!